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Friday, 17 June 2011


First of all, I've got a new layout. Bye-bye to the green sample template and hello to the blue-pink personalized Shpongled one. Need to get used to it myself too, but it was definitely time for a change.
On another note; My parents were visiting, they left on Wednesday. It was bit of a hectic few days, more likely cause both me and Lee had to change to day life, going to bed about 09pm and wake up at 08am which exactly the opposite of our lifestyle.
Having only one room didn't help either, as sleeping on the sofa isn't the comfiest thing to do, but luckily we were exhausted every day after sightseeing, so ended up sleeping well.
This little visit of theirs made me realise that I'm less and less bonded to my family. It might be just the uncomfortable visit, an eventful couple of days when we kind of had to rush about to see the city, me being stressed out and annoyed cause of my hormones and their utterly different lifestyle. Times I'm going back, I don't do much, just hang out with friends and chilling, so we haven't actually spent time together for ages.
I can only hope that my kid won't feel this way towards me any time, and will be bonded to us as much as Lee is bonded to his parents. I'll definitely try not to push him/her away from me.
Anyways, pops want us to visit them the summer but I doubt it'll happen cause I only can fly til about the 7th month and ticket prices are sky-high for August-September, so Lee suggested to visit them next year sometime, with the monster. At least they could meet with the bubba too, easier for him to take his holidays, definitely no annoying summer heatwave, and the flights are cheaper too.
By the way, well fucked off by having to pay for infants on flights! Call me naive but since it says that the parent (Obviously!) has to carry the baby on his/her lap during the entire journey, I thought they fly for free. Let alone you have to get it's passport done, you have to pay for it's ticket!
Nevermind, it seems like it'd still cost less if we traveled the beginning of next year instead.

Also, they brought over Hungarian children books, so can do readings to the baby before bed so hopefully it'll pick up a few Hungarian words with time. As well as they bought us 'wedding' presents too (They still need to be sent over.) a cutlery set and a set of dishes, pans and pots, which will come absolutely handy thinking of our moving (Whenever it is.) to another, entirely empty flat.
Lee's dad bought us a sterilizer with bottles (I wouldn't have been too keen on it to be honest.) and Lee got a Batman romper and a few more bottles too.
And, as of next week, we are finding out what we're having, we'll be able to start the mad shopping!

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