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Wednesday, 29 June 2011


First of all my little girl got in a pattern of when she's awake and sleeping, already! My super pregnancy book says it usually happens between the 23rd and 30th week, and I only passed the 21st and ta-daah!
So I noticed she usually wakes up around midnight, turns around and moves a little and most probably scratching her little nose haha! I also feel her the afternoon sometimes as well. I actually quite like when she's moving around, it kind of tickles a little. Can't wait to feel her kick finally!
I sent her the first e-mails today, it took (Literally!) hours to compose the first one, then the rest went quicker obviously. The hardest part was to find the right way to write/talk to her, tried to be formal, but not too formal if that makes sense. After all, I have to be the one who tells her off if she 'uses the language' and shit like that... Perfect example of having doubts in myself haha! She won't read them until she's older anyway, so at the end I was like -'Hope you like your name and don't really think that we fucked you over much with it'.
I hope she's going to like them, I mean imagine, if your pops would've given you a user name which is clearly your name, a password, and you'd open the mail and saw hundreds of emails from about 13-15 years back, mentioning stuffs like -'We just found out today that you are a girl.' I would piss my pants straight away!
Then again, you never know, this might be becoming a trend now, and not to have these kind of e-mails in the future will be awkward, instead of having them.
I'm also writing these mails in Hungarian, which is not just being utterly weird, but a motivation too for myself, therefor I'm going to have to teach her basic Hungarian.
In fact, I'm looking at language schools in London already. Oh yes, the easier but somehow safer way...

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  1. Ne félj a magyartól, csak beszélj hozzá és automatikusan megtanulja. :) mondj neki mondókákat és amikor otthon vagytok egyszerűen magyarul beszélj hozzá. Lee úgyis angolul fog, és amikor otthon van akkor te is, de ha te főleg magyarul mondod neki a dolgokat akkor mindkét nyelvet erőfeszítés nélkül megatnulja. Kicsikorban így vannak beállítva az emberek. :)