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Sunday, 26 June 2011


We've already done basic shoppings, no clothes involved yet cause we are going to get some of Alfie's grows and at early age babies grow proper fast, so don't quite know what to buy yet, not to mention the sizing is fucked up and does our heads in!

Pretty much everything was expensive but we were shopping wise ish. The pram can be used til the age of 3 and can be transferred to a pushchair, when the lady is older, comes with a travel Moses basket and a changing bag. We had it saved for weeks among our favorites, alongside with another one, in a different color, depending on the baby's sex.
The carrier is Manduca, was well pricey but got it recommended by Dharma, and all the reviews I've seen were positive as well. Something you can use even at the age of 4, doesn't fuck your back up nor it does the baby's, and can wear at the front, back and on the hip. Only issue I have with it is that the baby can't face outwards, only towards the person who carries her, but I suppose the right angle for the bubba and the comfortable wearing for us is more important. The similar design to the changing bag is just a plus. (And an extra tenner.)
Also, got two comfort blankets ordered which we can wrap her in so she can sleep in at the beginning, can lay on when she gets older, then at older age can carry around with her and sleep with.
All in all I think we done good, can't wait for them to be dispatched.

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