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Saturday, 18 June 2011


Lee made me doubt myself in the boy-girl question yesterday, as he pointed out even though I might not see it but my breasts definitely have gotten bigger and not much, but if he had to choose, he'd say the left one is a little bit wider than the right. Girl signs. Right, better stop driving myself mad with this question, we will see it soon, anyway.

Bought these tiny sunglasses today in Primark for the baby. When it'll be old enough to hold it's little head on it's own (It could take up to 6 months apparently, thought it happens sooner to be honest.) and we can carry it facing the outside world in the harness. It'll look just as cool as Alan's baby from Hangover I. haha can't wait!
Have spoken to Szabolcs today, told him what are the clothes like we got for the unborn already, and that we are planning on buying colorful cute monster toys instead of a teddies and so. All his reaction was that he's jealous and wishes Lee and me were his parents.
I hope the kid will grow up liking it's outsider toys and clothes, and within many many years these kind of stuffs will still be if not as popular, but at least a little bit stylish and funny.

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