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Monday, 6 June 2011


We had our first baby shopping the weekend before, not even knowing what we are having yet, hah! Not like we planned on it but was in Camden to our mate's BBQ so thought we might as well check out the market as been a while since we both been there. Then we found a stand selling funny grows and bibs, and as well went to Cyberdog and got a grow from there too. (Excuse Szabolcs, our deal was whenever in life I'd get pregnant he'd come and baby clothes shop with me in Cyberdog, but not being sure whether or not we will be seeing each other before the alien arrives, I rather have gotten over with it now.)

I got ordered to triple my dose of the hormone medication and to take iron too. Luckily all these prescription drugs are free with the Maternity Card, so at least that's one thing I don't have to worry about.
By the way being pregnant really does play with your hormones. Sex drive of a woman can both increase and decrease during pregnancy which I didn't know but explains why I'm so horny all the bloody time. Was, to be precise, especially in the past couple of months. Ah well.
My mum and nan are coming over this weekend for a few days, told them to bring over some Hungarian  fairy tales and baby books so even though he/she will be surrounded by the English, still has an option to learn bits and bobs of my language... Which, I unfortunately won't be able to teach him/her properly cause of it's grammar and difficulty.
Although neither of us has 100% gotten hit by the thought of parenthood yet, we can't wait til the 24th when we'll be finding out what we are having. Yay!

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