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Sunday, 26 June 2011


It's a girl! We are having a little daughter! Aww!
I still can't believe it. Think cause it's my first pregnancy and even though we were waited for this moment for a while, it actually came when we 'just' got kind of used to the idea of having a baby.
Anyways, the scan went well, we got a really nice nurse this time, she explained everything, what is she measuring and what are we seeing on the screen. My girl is sitting really low and was shy at the beginning but the nurse found her straight away (What a skill!) even though she was just showing the top of her head.
After pushing her around a little, she woke up and started to do her usual breakdance, right after the nurse said I've got a good amount of amniotic fluid to move around in. Oh, of course just after a stretch and a nose scratch haha!
She's perfectly healthy, no cleft lip (Like little Alfie.), good spine, heart and insides, and a nice little brain. Also, as of she pointed out, my placenta is on the right place, so the birth giving should go easy.
And, since I've both seen and felt the belly squatter sleeping, just as turning around, I know now what to focus on, and when is she awake and moving.
The nurse waited until the last minute to announce we are having a girl, saying it's 99% accurate and showing the little bump where there were definitely no ball bag hanging and willy sticking out, even though one of the pictures shows different.
Here she is, our little girl.

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