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Thursday, 30 June 2011


I've been back in the hospital today and had possibly the longest queue in front of me.
I was waiting for two and a half hours, but luckily there weren't too many screaming kids around this time. They put my dose back up on the thyroid medication cause I'm still overactive but apart from this everything is fine. The doctor said she rather have me take an amount of iron weekly with some laxatives but she seen I wasn't too keen on the idea, so she just written 'Maternal intolerant for iron' on my notes and that's that. She said it's mainly important when giving birth, since I'll be losing quite an amount of blood and with more iron staying in my system I wouldn't feel as tired and crap the following few days.
The obstetrician (I just found out he/she is a midwife with surgical experience... I most probably only have to see him cause he is the one there then, and not because I'll be in need of a C section. I mean I bloody well hope so.) said I have to go back to another blood test this week to double check my blood sugar as it's a little bit higher than normal, but it might've been cause of that something I've eaten before the blood test, or caused by the baby, as the number usually comes back higher while pregnant, for some reason.
This guy even mentioned that he can see that on my 20 weeks notes the position of my placenta is pointed out; It's nice and high which he explained is good, cause it's not going to be in the baby's way when she's coming out. Yay!
I had my weight checked again, and I'm well surprised! I put on less weight in the past month than I did in the month and a half before! Might be my hormone medication, that's the only thing I can think of, since I'm not moving or following a diet, but then again, since I've got a hyper thyroid I supposed to be skinny (Which I'm clearly not and never been.) and with taking these medications I would only supposed to gain weight (Which I don't). Not like I'm complaining or anything haha.
On the 20th of April (10 weeks 5 days) I was 71 kg ~ 156.5 lbs which is embarrassing but my 'normal' weight anyway, without the baby as well.
6 weeks later on the 1st of June (17 weeks 3 days) I was 75.6 kg ~ 166.6 lbs (That's plus 4.6 kg ~ 10.1 lbs) and now, another 4 weeks later, on the 29th of June (21 weeks 3 days) I'm 77.2kg ~ 170.1 lbs (That's plus only 1.6 kg ~ 3.5 lbs).
I thought I supposed to be hitting the period when I'm getting heavier?! This doesn't mean I'm not bigger, oh no, the bump is here, walking a few steps in front of me haha! (I have a jump in the weeks as you can see, it's cause my due date has been changed after my first scan.)
By the way, our Manduca came today. We had trouble putting it on, and Alfie wasn't really in the mood for it either, so we just leave it for now, practicing without an actual baby, and when we feel confident enough we will give it a go again.
As I mentioned before, my due date is on 06/11/11 which is right bang on the middle. I always focused on being late with five days, then so the date would be 11/11/11 but Lee pointed out, since our girl is getting well big, what if she came a few days earlier?! On 31/10/11 perhaps... Halloween!
Anyways, I asked around at my friend who has a daughter, about what does she recommend, which hospital and which method, and she told me that she spent most of her labour at home, and how relaxing it was, sitting in a bath and using her own birthing ball, whenever she needed it which of course helped her a lot when she had the contractions. Also, she done lots of researches before, and it made her feel more in control of the situation, which obviously is a big help too.
She then got a car to the hospital, and got over with the actual birth giving really quick and without any pain relief or complication, and all in all has a lovely experience with the whole thing.
For everyone who has the same issues: A medicine ball what we used to use in school (And small ish and a heavy little bitch.) is not the same as a birthing ball. (Yes it was Lee, I love him so much, sometimes he can be so naive, it's cute beyond belief!)

It's really nice to get positive feedback after all the negatives I've heard, just what I needed. So I say, that's the way forward!

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