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Sunday, 26 June 2011


I love this advert so much! Apparently it's a year old already and tees haven't been made for sale but the idea is big!

Anyway, yesterday we went out with some mates and Lee's parents to celebrate (Let's not talk about how it went down; They drunk, I'm sober.) and got to chat to the woman who does the karaoke, and she turned out to have the exact same thoughts (More likely worries?!) on the sex of the babies as I do.
Not saying I'd prefer a boy over a girl, but looking at my and my mum's relationship I'm worried I'm going to make the same mistakes with my own daughter, and let alone every girls are 'daddy's girls' I'm already scared of  losing her. As well, as Lee's going to have two princesses now. Lucky git!
Also, met with a few of Lee's friends, one of the girls was so happy for us, she always wanted a girl but has two boys instead. With the second one she was sure it was a little baby girl and wanted to call her Éva. Not Eve or Eva. Éva. Epic! She said I have it all. Makes me happy and proud that she thinks this, although how weird it is; People prefer each other's life.
I created the little one's email address today, but haven't yet sent anything to it, feeling a bit stupid. Just wait til the weekdays when I'm alone bored, for hours I suppose.
Whatever have been said, I'm perfectly happy with what I've got, even though I know how cheesy it sounds and life won't always be easy, still...
And I can't wait for the little vampire to pop her head out in a few more months. Knowing her daddy, she'll be a super cute baby gal.

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