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Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Louise went on a mad shopping spree and spoilt her unborn niece, big times! Looks like she's doing everything to make our girl a 'girly girl' with lots of pink stuffs haha! Don't blame her though, in fact I'm quite happy about it; We wouldn't spend a penny on pink clothes, but if she didn't have any, she'd might be growing up liking it for this reason. Not me nor Lee had anything black when we were young, same with my friend Hedie who's obsessed with cream and chocolate and had none of those when she was a kid.
It's so much, can't even name everything we got! Baby grows, lots of little tights , dresses, tops, socks, hoodies, a jacket... All of them 0-3 months, so she actually has clothes to fit not just grows. We can take the little jacket to the hospital since she'll be a winter baby... We won't even have to be afraid of her getting lost in the 3 months+ one, which we already have for her but is clearly too big.
Oh and how could I forget?! We have our first 'I love mummy' baby grow. Aww finally!

Something absolutely different. I'm wanting to mention it for quite some time now, but somehow I kept forgetting and it's not something I would want to spend a whole entry on; Shaving! Bloody hell.
Why does no one talk about it? I know it's personal, but you read about sex during pregnancy, orgasm during labour, why does no one mention shaving during pregnancy?! Not like my life (Or sex life. Which I don't anymore have therefor is very upsetting... And is something I won't talk about, even though I could.) would depend on not shaving, it's just something some people do, some people don't do, end of story.
But that it took me 20 minutes just to sort out the 'below the belly-above the thighs' area absolutely blind, well that's something worth to mention! Ended up with no cuts whatsoever, it's the years and the experience aka pure talent.
This made me wonder how do fat and obese people shave? Although I suppose their fat is podgy and folding from side to side or whatever, not a big hard baby bump, but still. And are they just as breathless after each shaving session as me?! It felt like I ran a marathon.
Anyways, Lee is one lucky guy, he told me at the beginning of my pregnancy that he's preparing himself for shaving my legs when I get big, but I'm perfectly fine with doing that to myself.
He still has to vanish my toes though, they are way too far and tiny haha!

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