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Thursday, 22 September 2011


I know we still have many weeks to go, but rather sooner than later I put together the hospital bags already. Here's  the list I got my bags together from. Obviously added and took a few things for my taste.

- Grows (2 x newborn/premature, 3 x size 0-3 months.)
- Rompers (1 x newborn/premature, 2 x size 0-3 months)
- Baby blanket
- Mitten
- Hat
- Bib
- Pair of socks
- Disposable nappies
- Wipes
- Bum cream
- Jacket

- Massive hooded jumper-vest (To give birth in.)
- Oil for massage in labour (If the pool plan doesn't come together.)
- Lip balm (In case I chew my lips to bits in pain.)
- Not too wanted pants (For the messiness after birth.)
- Maternity pads (There will be blood.)
- Nursing bra (For feedings and to keep the boobies together.)
- Breast pads (Hopefully won't be using them much.)
- Socks
- Pj bottoms and a boxer to sleep in (You never know, it might be too hot for Pj's.)
- Vest to hang out and sleep in
- Massive shirt (Makes feeds easier.)
- Tiny travel shower gel
- Tiny travel toothpaste
- Ear plugs
- Tracksuit bottoms and a big T-shirt (Aka the going home outfit.)

Still need (Aka the ones I can't pre-pack, but will be whacked on top of the bag when the time comes.):
- Birth plan and blue notes
- Thyroid medication (If I don't forget.)
- Slippers
- Toothbrush
- Towel
- Pillows
- Snacks/fruits and energy drinks (Mummy will need the boost.)
- Chewing gum (Rather chew that in pain, than my lips.)
- Transport for baby (Probably in-laws will pick us up with cousin's baby car-seat.)

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