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Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Today I had to go back to the hospital for my usual harrasment.
Luckily I had early appointments, so I was over with the whole thing within an hour or so. I got Miss Piggy as the obstetrician (A Polish/Russian/one of those lady.) whom I've seen on my first ever visit, and highly disliked. She turned out to be quite nice actually, even though it was hard to understand what she was saying.
As of the doctor, I've seen a different one than the usual 'nice woman', but this one seemed to be O.K. too. Bet it all had something to do with the timing, and the yet not too crowded atmosphere.
Then I went to see my GP for the first time since I registered, like half a year ago.
Anyways, I called my midwife straight after, and we all decided of not going for home birth.
They made my decision easier with saying the same thing (All of them. Saying the same. Once and for all. Finally.) of at the end it's my body and my choice, but they do not recommend it, since even though no one is concerned about my health, they are worried about the baby's.
As of me I rather not chance it, obviously, especially now, when I have the following written black and white in my folder, by a doctor, confirmed with her stamp; 'DW Mr Dorman, she can have delivery at birthing centre and pool'.
We also have another growth scan dated for next Thursday, cause my bump is 2 cm ~ 0.8 inch smaller than it supposed to be this time. Don't think it's an issue though, especially knowing that the scan we had last time showed that our little alien is perfectly happy and healthy, but still... I weight myself as well, I only put on 12 kg ~ 26.4 lbs so far, but it should be all good, I still have a few more weeks to improve.

So yeah, we've been shopping the afternoon as well, went to check out the new sensation; Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford. We purchased all the above from Boots and Primark anyway, but both of their branchs are massive, so there were a fine selection of clothes and dummies. (Baby bath is ordered from Asda.) I'm absolute in love with all the clothes we got, even though they are a little boy ish. Aww. Well happy. Now only more mittens and hats are needed, which we'll be getting from Lou, so we are finally 100% sorted with baby stuffs!
There is also an alternative kids shop in there for funky clothes, and Vans and Office sells quality kids shoes too. Not to mention the massive Lego, Puzzle and Party stores! We have to wait at least 3 years til we can have a good use of them though, but it's good to know we got somewhere to go for good clothes, birthday party stuffs and toys, which ain't making her dumber, in fact help her skills, or at least make her little brain work.

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