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Friday, 30 September 2011


Yesterday's scan went well, Lileeva Jean has put on 1360 g ~ 3 lbs in the past month, weighing a total of 2342 g ~ 5 lbs 3 oz, all healthy, sucking away on her little thumb safe and sound.
Might be the medication and the stress over the council, but I somehow managed to lose 1 kg ~ 2 lbs in a week! Not complaining though haha! Wonder how much more will go down in this mad heatwave...

As of the council; I did not receive any kind of response until the deadline of yesterday, so I sent them an e-mail saying I'm willing to take the case further up, when the reply came; -'We are very sorry, the response for your complaint has been sent out by post on the 9th of September.' what a bunch of liars!
Anyways, after making a few phone calls, I finally managed to have someone to come out from the visitor team to check the state how we live. They obviously will be needing to put everything in writing, so this could take forever again.
That's why I e-mailed to the complaint team again, saying I'm requesting to send all their further responses out in e-mail too, within a week after the official letter has been post. If I failed to be informed by time about my status, I'll be taking the case further. In fact, if they won't be giving me a chance to bid for a place within the next month or so, I'll be taking it further anyway. This seems to be the only way to deal with these people, and since I have nothing to hide, why not?!
Not one of Lee's family members have said, that I'll be soon enough getting bored of waiting anyway, and I'll end up going in with a rucksack, putting my Hungarian accent on and tell them Lee left me, so as everyone else, I'll have more of a chance of getting a flat. They clearly don't know me, that's all I have to say. I mean seriously, why lie when I can kick the hell out of these services legally? I'm so lucky to have T√ľnde who's been here for ages now, and knows a lot about law and can help me out and make me brace and to stand up for myself and my family.
I'm just surprised, none of the above mentioned people have looked into these things, after all if we are talking about official institutes, we are talking about rights and orders, and they have their own rules for these situations. They are just lucky, cause as the examples show most people are scared to use them.
Funny. People's own fear is their worst enemies.

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