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Monday, 26 September 2011


O.K. so I've been doing my dreads in the past couple of days which took me 22 hours all together. Just so it doesn't sound ridiculous here's bit of a background information; I have them for over 3-4 years so with all the color changes, and mainly cause of the hardcore bleaching sessions it was enough time for them to stuck together properly. As it happens, I decided to grow them out about a year and a half ago, so I didn't treat them, brushed them out (It worked with my 6 months old dreads a few years ago.), used conditioner, but mainly just left and ignored them. All in all, the roots were kept making themselves into locks, so it came quite clear that the only way is to get rid of them is to shave my hair again, but hey, I'm not 15 anymore and I do love my hippie hair, I'd just regret it at the end.
The other day I went on a mad thinking spree of bleaching them again, but not wanting to cause any more damage, I've decided to trick myself instead.
Always wanted to have cute little beads on each dreadlock, and putting them in will stop me dying my hair once and for all, but to grow the color out entirely. Will be weird once it starts to show though, no one seen me with my original colour for over 10 years.
Anyways, long story short; Beads in, side and fringe cut, side bleached, ends dreaded (First 8 hours session.) then had to re-crochet each and every locks (The second, 14 hours session.) and everyone who has or had dreads knows, it ain't easy, especially when you do it for yourself.

All this not even important to be honest, apart from the note of keeping myself busy and creative... And somewhere entertained.
So I had the telly on yesterday, pretty much all day in the background, cause wanted to concentrate on my hair instead of changing the music all the time, which I would've gotten bored of anyways. And there it was; Some talk show about last year's favourite program 'The Only Way Is Essex'. First I laughed out absolutely loud, cause though it was a joke. Then it started to sink in, and just stared at it in disbelief. Who doesn't know what is; A reality TV series of people live in Essex (Respect for the exception.) aka the orange women with fake hair, lashes, mouth, boobs, nails and hunked up orange men. All thicker than my cat in season. They however, call it over the top and stylish. I can't even describe it. (The picture below isn't from the show. But could be, really.)

So this crap has won BAFTA last year (None of the 'actors' knew what BAFTA stands for, by the way.) and were talking about the second season starting tonight. And the truth hit me; We are living in a society who's hungry and interested in something like this. And I'm not talking about the 20 odd 'women', I'm talking about the teenagers too. They think this is life. Bling, extensions and 'vajazzle' aka little diamond glittery stud stickers on the waxed and fake tanned gina.
I mentioned to Lee how shocked I was, and he pretty much lost it immediately too, saying yes, we seem to be the only one 'old fashioned' people remained.
We quickly had a discussion about raising our girl... As strict as it may sounds, I do believe we made the right decision. Now just to keep it.
No telly as long as we can make her not be interested in it. When it comes to the point, we're only going to let her watch 'intelligent' cartoons (Post 50.) which we grew up on. That with a time limit, let's say an hour or so daily, if she was a good girl. I'm going to try and read her a lot, draw with her, play Lego and puzzle and what not with her, and take her out to the playground or to the park quite often. Even cooking with her; I learn, she learns. Simples.
Me and Lee had bit of a jarring about his bloody X-Box though, I understand how much he loves it and that is what makes him relaxed after a long week, that's why I don't say much about him pretty much doing nothing on his day offs, just sitting in the living room playing it (Yes, it is boring for me, and yes, it does piss me off sometimes, the emphasis was on understanding it.) but told him, it should stop when our lady is here. Not entirely though, I just want the family to spend time together, and if we are just sitting next to him staring at the flat screen, she obviously will be interested in whatever daddy is doing, and will try and get into it sooner than later. Hope this thing won't happen, and Lee can brace himself only turning the big box on when the lady is asleep or out.
Either way, it's going to be really hard on so many ways, especially when she'll be with her grandparents or auntie; They always have the telly on, in the focus. And -no offense- not quite sure they'd even understand the issue I have with it. I reckon it's just easier to have the kids sat in front of the TV and not making much of an effort on entertaining them, when you have a busy lifestyle anyway.
I'll just try my hardest to raise her a clever little muffin, not one of those instant and stupid kids you have nowadays.

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