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Thursday, 15 September 2011


We are overloaded with 0-3 months baby grows, it's unbelievable! Not complaining though, cause so far we spent pretty much nothing on baby clothes. Luckily friends and family members have given birth not too long ago, and they donated all their baby's outgrown stuffs for us. Lee's colleague just given us a massive bag of punch cake colored newborn grows yesterday.
It's just the thing I hope we won't be getting many more, cause we already have at least one outfit for each day for the first 3 months, and I'd be sad not to be able to use all of them at least a few times. What from then on I don't really know, probably will go on a mad 3-6 months and up, funky grow and clothes shopping, possibly from here or here. She just has to have a few mad outfits.
Reminder of what we still need before her birth:
- Changing mat
- Bath
- Towels
- Mittens
- Hats
- Socks

Oh mmm punch cake, I want some. It's like carrot cake; Don't think I could ever be able to overdose on them. I have some serious cravings nowadays as you can tell.
On another note, this whole thing is becoming less and less joyful. I'm tired all the time and aching constantly. Absolutely powerless throughout the day, have no motivation for doing anything, not comfy sitting on the sofa or on my birthing ball, just can't wait to lay in bed but after a while it becomes uncomfortable too.
At least my sleeping patter seems to be set in, I usually go to bed between 11pm-01am, wake up between 06-07am for a wee, struggling to fall back asleep until Lee gets in the morning, and sleep again from 09am til about midday.
I've never been the kind of person who liked to lay on her stomach (The boobs perhaps.) and not a big fan of laying on my back either, so I didn't have too much trouble getting used to the pregnant position(s), only feeling bad for Lee a little bit, cause of taking up so much space. I'm a starfish anyway but now I take over 2/3 of the bed if not more, and using 5 pillows leaving Lee with only one.

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