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Thursday, 8 September 2011


I've been up since 07am sorting out this council flat situation. It's getting ridiculous.
First of all I went to Citizen Advice Bureau where I got a number with a 3 hours waiting period, so in this gap I had time to pop over the road, wait for the council to open, and double check that I'm still not in their system. See, I'm playing nice, wouldn't want to sue them if there are chances for them already sorted my documents...
Obviously, it turns out I'm still not in the system, I'm getting the same answer on the phone and in person for the past 2 months, of they are sending an email to the manager on the housing department, who should look into things and I should have their reply (My bidding and banding/priority number.) in a week or two.
Yeah right, I gave the woman a face, told her that's what I'm hearing from week to week for months now. She said there have been issues with that department, since half of the staff have left during the summer and it's under new management, so most probably what happened was is whoever started to work on my case, has quit without closing it. Told her I understand but I don't give a shit about it, I mean, why should their staffing be my problem when the issue is clearly with them, misplacing my documents?! (And these are the exact words I forgot to put in my complaint, damn it! Aggrh! Anyway, hope it still works out just fine.) She also added if I did make a complaint, that should even make the decision quicker. Now let's hope.
Then going back to CAB the advisor told me they can't really do much, until I have a written proof of the council's decision (Hello?! That's what I'm waiting for, I wouldn't have turned up if I had that already.) and they suggest me to re-apply, now as a homeless, so they have to rehouse just me with the baby as soon as possible, to a shelter-shithole for time being, aka until there are severe council flats are available. I got up and left. I knew these already, they pretty much gave me everything but advice.

Auntie Tünde

 I've been talking with my friend Tünde, who's well informed with things involving the law, so I know if they get a complaint they have to respond to it within 14-15 working days, if that doesn't happen I can take the case further. (And I forgot to mention this as well. Well done me.)
Just like I shouldn't have to worry about being in a relationship where my other half earns money, they should treat me with just as much of a respect as a single working mum. Which pretty much means not accepting the shelter only for myself and the baby, shouldn't detain my chances on bidding for a property.
I made this complaint in 3 ways; One in a letter on their official complaint form, in another self written letter, and online, copying my self-written letter. So technically they can't say all of them has gotten lost or some crap, in fact I hope all of them gets to the same person at the end, preferably to the manager of the housing team, and so he will see I'm trying my best, and keep my name remembered in his office.
Even though I'm beyond mad at myself of missing out on a few things, I believe a pulled together a pretty strong letter.
I'm tempted to post it here but I'm way too proud of it haha! Selfish me.

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