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Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Jesus, just had the worst migraine attack for a long long time! After being awake for an hour it hit me so hard, I had to take super strong painkillers (Hungarian prescription kick ass magic, which ain't even supposed to be taken in the last 3 months of the pregnancy.), cold pack, darkness, silence and another 4 hours sleep, and it still ain't properly gone. It was so intense, it made me feel sick. Viva la mum and her genes in me. Damn. Reckon though it was mainly the weather, which I like very much, cold, grey and rainy is my kind of thing. Only can hope there are no more heatwaves this year, cause that would make my head explode straight away.
My best friend nowadays is milk. I'm still getting horrible heartburns randomly throughout the day and every night when going to bed, getting all cosy in horizontal. Gaviscon doesn't really help and it tastes like chewing dried out toothpaste, so rather stick to a little glass of cold milk, which eases the burn all the way down my throat, pretty much effective straight away, and it wakes bubba up too so I know she's still in there.

That's the other thing; Her kicks. I got way too scared the other day, cause she wasn't moving at all. Apparently you have to feel around 10 movements each day, even though they might not be as strong as they used to be, since she's running out of space and the backflip doesn't go down easy anymore. The midwives said if there is no sign of movements for time being we shall down a pint of ice cold water and it definitely wakes her up, when hits her bum bum. Well... It didn't. She gave me one or two weak 'uck's sake, leave me alone' nods, but that it was. She's usually active when I'm laying or sitting comfortably and is asleep when I'm on the move, and on Sunday (In fact the whole weekend pretty much.) we were out and about so probably this was the reason of the big silence, but it still made me panic like mad.
Lee started to talk to her when we went to bed and it must've woken her up, cause she finally moved again, I was so relieved it's unbelievable! Then we done the torch trick, he put the flash on and started to move it around on my stomach (Which reflected bright red cause of the blood, veins and insides haha!), if nothing else, this did the job! She was fidgeting for quite some time, knowing it's our baby most probably to hide her little face away from the light. (So much about my worries in Post 70.)
Yesterday and today she was all good, I stayed in and all I felt was her kicking, at some point it felt like she done a proper 180°, thought she's playing Alien and wanted to break out straight from the tummy. This was the most intense movement I've ever felt from her, was very weird but funny at the same time.
Also, it made me realise she's most probably going to be this kind of baby... The kind like Alfie is; Calms down and falls asleep when carried and awake and attention seeker when put down. Oh dear... The hard job baby haha!
Another strange thing started to happen the past weeks. Strange, cause no one mentioned it to me, but being in the last couple of months makes it absolutely normal I guess?! I started to feel her drop down every now and then, mostly when walking. Gravity and weight, I know, but why do no one talks about it? I can clearly feel it's not her moving around, it's her sliding down, feels like my lower bits are starting to stretch and slowly crack under the weight, in fact I usually have to stop and tens, cause I'm scared of dropping her out, on the concrete. Obviously it won't be so easy, but knowing she usually kicks me on my rib cage and feeling the above, makes me think she's already in the position, no matter she has another 5-6 weeks to swim around. She must be like me, getting ready before time, following the 'better be safe' principle.
It's good how you slowly get to study and start to know your own baby, even though she's not even born yet, just by watching and concentrating on her. For example I got to know by now, that;
- She likes to be carried around, that's why she's usually asleep when I'm traveling.
- She reacts for the light which means her optic nerves work. Thanks God!
- She feels and doesn't like when I'm stressing. I stress by stomach if it makes sense, like today, cause of the bloody council (I'm about to make a complaint and take this case further, even to the court if it's necessary, will be writing about it tomorrow when I'll be sorting most of it.) and she obviously felt how tens I was so she's been kicking me all day.
- She reacts to other people's voice. Weird how she doesn't react to mine though?! Reckon cause she's in me, therefor she hears me all the time so she got used to it. Proof? She wouldn't on Earth move on Sunday when I asked her to, but she started to groove pretty much straight away Lee asked her to! Daddy's girl, eh?! She also kicks when kitty is laying and purring on her home, and she wouldn't stop for no one yesterday either, when my friend Laura (Noticeable for her high pitched voice.) was around for a long chat.

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