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Wednesday, 21 September 2011


On Sunday I had a surprise Baby Shower organized by Laura! Her and my other friends done it all behind my back; A few of them got me out of the flat the day, and brought me back a couple of hours later for our flat being all decorated and filled with family and friends. I don't even know how did they manage to fit this many people in the living room. We had lots of food, drinks and even more presents!
Not many grows, but baby blankets, a changing mat, nappies and little bits like wipes, oil, creams, baby powder and so. Just what we needed!
I've never been on a Baby Shower before, I couldn't even do anything with the situation, not the kind of person who can be in the focus of attention, or can act 'normal' in a situation like this. It was proper touching and my nerves got the better of me; I was all blushy the whole day. It was awesome though, made me feel absolutely loved.

Yesterday after cleaning, we rearranged our front room, only moved the sofa and armchairs around, but it gives us much more space, so we actually could manage to fit the pram in comfortably.
Today Lee called the council to find out what's going on with our case, and guess what?! We are finally in their system! Just about time... They'll be contacting us in the next couple of weeks and have someone to come out and check how we live, aka whether or not we are lying. When this happens, we can even drop hints about knowing for difinite that there are going to be a few available 2 bedroom properties in the area the near future, cause family friends are moving out of the borough or for example Lou is getting rehoused from a stairy ground floor 2 bedroom to a step free 3 bedroom.
She also said staying in a hostel wasn't as bad as we imagine, but I still wouldn't go for that option if we can stay here for a little longer. Although, as it happens, Jackie has been talking about wanting to move back soon ish, so see how things go. I still have faith in getting a place in either this or the beginning of next year...

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