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Friday, 9 September 2011


I've never been the dressing up kind when it came to Halloween, but seems like it has a big culture here. Even last year Lee and his friends were all excited, fully dressed up for the event, I almost felt uncomfortable going out with them, without anything special on. Then I got a splash of fake blood in my face and that it was.
Since my due date is very close to Halloween I wasn't even thinking about going out this year, but Laura mentioned how cool it would be to paint my bump as a pumpkin, so I looked up on the internet what does the web have for preggers women.
And I found this totally cute, home-made skeleton outfit!

Here is the method behind this totally buff idea. I'm loving it. Have to have another Primark trip to buy a pair of black tracksuits, or just leggings (I know they have that.) and a long black vest to paint. That would be comfier in a club or pub even, but that'd mean I'm going to have to have someone to paint my arms. Also, I want to do the back of the tee and leggings too, but I can just use the same template for them so that's cool.
Planning on a sick skull face paint too, think it would look proper good together.

Now only to pray to make the costume good, and of course, not to pop by then or even on the actual night. I'm due on the 6th of November, which is exactly a week after Halloween weekend, and I'm planning my first ever proper outfit... How inappropriate and exciting!

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