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Friday, 16 September 2011


I'm having a super active-creative-productive day today.
Woken up at 0730am after not much sleep, all I remember is fidgeting and being awake all night. Went to the hospital to get my blood taken, cause I have the usual appointment next Wednesday. I'm stressing in advance, I hate those hospital people...
After the blood check I went to Stratford to buy a couple of steel labrets, cause the silicone bars in my cheeks slowly got thinner and thinner, until one of them finally broke last night. While waiting for the salon to open went to the pound shop to stock up on some junk. I know it's not good, but I seem to have cravings for crisps, cakes and chocolates and don't even feel like eating anything else nowadays. Besides fruits...
I'm doing colorful fabric linings into our daughter's drawers. We bought these rattan seagrass drawer sets for her grows, only thing they ravel a bit which ain't too handy if it comes to baby clothes and sensitive baby skin. So I decided to cut up a few of my T-shirts which I'm not anymore using, and make linings out of them. She'll have a white, a yellow, an orange, a pink and a purple drawer. And still not sure if all her grows will fit in there hah! Once I'm done with the sewing (Hopefully soon or at least tonight.) will be sorting out all her little clothes once and for all.

Been working on my Halloween costume in the past week as well. Took some time to get the hang of it and still not 100% satisfied, mainly cause of the shitty fabric paint I got. I had to go through the lines twice, and the color is still coming out after washing -by hand!- leaving a mess on the black bits, so I reckon it'll be a once-to-wear outfit. Shame, I really wanted to wear at least the leggings after Halloween too. Anyhow, I'm done with the vest (Front and back.) and the leggings (Front and back.) too, so only the arm bits to go which I'm sure I'll be done with on the weekend, or the beginning of next week.

All in all, I'm well chuffed with myself. Not only the clothes and the drawers are turning out O.K. but it feels good actually doing something with my days, even though we are only talking about buying piercings and doing some washing between painting and sewing.

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