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Friday, 9 September 2011


I'm a mess. The migraine the other day, can't sleep nowadays either, even though I feel tired all day I keep waking up during the night, getting the cold, my back pretty much constantly hurts and my tooth broke again. Same tooth which I had problems with a few months back, the filling fall out yesterday. Joys of the end period of pregnancy, eh?!
About the illness; Lee said it must be going around cause lots of his workmates getting it, so I'm hoping he'll be getting it too either from me or from his colleagues, therefor we both can be well over it in a few weeks, by the little one gets here.
She makes me healthier too, since I can't drink Lempsip no more I stuck with the teas (Yuck!), for now only the filtered ones though, but with the winter coming I'm going to stock up on ginger and bang on the honey-lemon-ginger tea. And nettle tea (Possibly the filtered one since I wont have time and chance to harvest any during winter.) to heal me and get all the baby-weight water out of my system.

Also, I need to work on my cooking skills. I'm horrible. Might ask Santa-Lee to bring me one of those '1000 yummsie recipes' book for Christmas. That's a start, right?!

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