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Monday, 10 October 2011


I had my shopping on today.
Spent pity amount of money and robbed Stratford's 99p store. Have a feeling it's going to become my local, many bargain goods I haven't anywhere seen before. The imported gear, clearly. The herbal teas are from Holland & Barrett.
- Jalapeno tortilla (For fajitas.)
- Mexican spicy rice
- Mild korma sauces
- Mild seasoning for meat
- Garlic-chilli spice mix
- HP slightly chilli sauce
- Chilli ketchup (For my hot dogs.)
- Spicy reggae relish sauce
- Tinned pineapples (Which just read about, is absolutely useless and should've gone for fresh ones. Well done me.)
- Raspberry leaf tea
- Nettle tea (For after birth, to get my system cleaned quicker.)
- Cocoa butter (For them stretch marks.)
- Hand sterilizers (Those little gels can be used on the go without water.)
As one can see I'm taking it seriously. Typing these words from above a cup of raspberry leaf tea, hah! Not too bad I have to admit, planning on having 1-2 cups a day. Even though the daily intake in the third trimester should be around 4-5 cups, there is no chance I can force myself to drink that amount of tea.
I had a hot dog sandwich this morning with reggae relish sauce, it went down O.K., but I reckon my daughter doesn't either appreciate hot stuffs. It didn't give me heartburn, or made me run straight to the loo, just left us with a funny feeling.
Then after the shopping I made some spicy fajitas. Spicy seasoning on chicken, spicy tortilla, spicy rice, spicy sauce. So far nothing. Will keep trying the following days, but if it doesn't do nothing, just leaves my stomach with an uncomfortable feeling I'll give up on it, and let Lee to destroy all the hot food.
Will bang on some pineapple too a bit later.
(Well... Just between us, I feel a little a guilty about trying to 'force' her out. I hope she will come whenever she's ready -hopefully on 11/11/11 giggidy giggidy- and the tea and pineapple are just helping to make the big bang easier for both of us.)

Surprising though (Unfortunately not really.) how much of a dickheads people are! I know my bump isn't the biggest of all times but is still noticeable, and of course no one would ever give their seats on public transport. Whatever, got used to it. Although my friend Molek walked up to some fella straight away on the full overground last night, pointing out I'm pregnant, and he's sitting on the priority seats. It's still something I wouldn't do. I mean, what world we are living at where the pregnant woman has to ask for a seat?! Not to mention I'd be too shy and embarrassed to do so.
Also, today, carrying two massive and heavy plastic bags when walking in to Sainsbury's, thought I ask the woman at the kiosk, if I was able to leave them there for a few minutes, til I picked up a few remaining bits and bobs. She said -'No', so I had to explain to her that I do understand their policy, and I wouldn't even ask the favour if I wasn't 9 months pregnant...
Then on the way back to the overground, no one gave a shit about me, walking now with three heavy carrier bags close to the wall (Yes, I know I'm slow, that's why I try to be out of the way, damn it!), in fact one of these pushy pervert gypsy pricks walked straight into my hand! I do hope I managed to crack his balls, he doesn't deserve to have them.
Obviously one of the cheap bags has ripped under the weight, but luckily there were a couple of nice people behind me on the station, and they picked up my stuffs.
I think the worst thing still is, when people give me dirty looks, when I push them out of the way. Oh well, might be my karma.
On a happier note; I bought a longer nipple bar. What a relief, seriously! It's like having the too tight pants taken off and changed into loose ones.
And now to try the impossible; Painful ingrown toe nail which not sure how am I going to reach?!

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