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Sunday, 9 October 2011


So week 36 aka less than a month; Only 4 weeks to go.
Baby is still gaining but she's very close to her birth size, and weight already. Apparently she's about 2.7 kg ~ 5.9 lbs and 47 cm ~ 18.5 inch. I do know for a fact that she's still gaining; I started to get stretch marks! About time. They aren't too bad, and a pregnancy ain't a real pregnancy without them, I still started to take vitamin E. However, I'm not too worried, I'm a quick healer and I know for a fact they'll whiten out pretty easy. By the way vitamin E softens the skin (Inside and out.) and apparently benefits the birth giving as well, in a view of making stretching easier down below too.
I -still- supposed to feel her dropping down, which I didn't really lately. I do feel big drops every now and then, which are quite intense but rare. Although I do feel them sometimes when I'm sitting too, not just when walking, don't think it's the process of the engagement yet.
Just like I don't feel she'd be ready to come out yet, even though everyone knows it could happen any minute now. She would still class as a premature bubba, if she decided to pop her head out this week, but from then on she's officially a full-term baby.
Leakage of the boobies are normal from now on as well. Luckily for me it ain't -yet- too bad, I possibly wouldn't even have noticed it, if I didn't have to change my nipple bar back to the smaller one, and I wouldn't keep checking on and touching it. I'm only seeing the trickle on that one, probably because the holes of the piercing could (And does.) increase the flow. (Post 49.)
Wouldn't be nice if the bar grew in though, so I'll be just going to buy a longer bar tomorrow.
Also, will stock up on some natural labour inducing stuffs as well.
Since I eat lots of fruits anyways, I'll include pineapple to my daily intake, which supposed to help soften the cervix in big dose. I reckon it still would do the job in small doses used for longer?!
Will buy spices and cook hot foods, which I'm not a big fan of, but for this reason I think they'd work. Lee likes them anyway, so at least if not for other, I can make him happy with the menu in the next weeks.
Not sure about raspberry leaf tea, I simply don't like teas but this can be helpful as it tones the uterus. Helps in stretching, as well as tightens it if drank after birth giving. Not to mention healthier than the fizzy and fake crap I normally drink.
Neither of the above are actually inducing the labour, more likely helping the body to get ready for it. Some say they aren't even effective, but I rather give these a try than any other, stronger or chemical gears in the future. Maybe the inducing cream, which they offer in the hospital, after the 40th week. Maybe.
Gotta start to bang on my remaining iron tablets soon, which I stopped taking, cause of the constipation (Answer to that is prune juice!), but is necessary in the view of the big blood loss during labour. Wouldn't want to suffer, and feel extra crap in the next few days, after the vampire's arrival, would you?!
Will try and do little daily walks too, even though I'm way too lazy, it's necessary to get the lady in position. If not else, will be just bouncing on my super ball.
Wow. Becoming more and more hippie like with all these healthy and natural remedies! This baby does make me change my ways, for the best.

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