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Monday, 24 October 2011


It's school holiday, so that means one thing; Neighbour kid upstairs is running about all day on the wooden floor, not letting us sleep. Sigh.
Anyways, at least we got out of the flat, walked all the way to Lou's, helped her doing some shopping and was chilling at hers for a bit.
Haven't seen my nephew Alfie for ages! He looks much happier since he had his operation. He also seems to be remembering me, and knowing who I am, finally. Didn't even cry on me but gave me flirty little giggles.
He is definitely a boobie man, I had him on my lap and he went straight for them, doing the 'Honk honk!' and pulling my top off, giving me cheeky grins! Swear Lee got a bit jealous haha!

We got a couple of baby seats too, both can be used as car seats, so that's sorted as well. Also, they will come handy when we want to put her down a little, I mean it's better for her to sit and rock away in one of them, instead of laying in the travel cot, staring at the ceiling.

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