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Monday, 10 October 2011


Another crazy dream!
I still have trouble sleeping (I shouldn't even mention this every time, should I?!) and last night I must've been somewhere on the balk of dream land and reality, and had two of those funny, but morbid ones.
Dream 1.
It was about kitty, who was my baby at the same time and whom I had to take to the vet. She is an indoor cat, but I want to give her more freedom so I've been thinking of getting a leash for her... But then again, the fleas and bugs. So in the dream I got Puddy dressed in one of the Minnie Mouse outfits Lou bought for our daughter, and noticed when pulled the little shoes on her back paws, that kitty had human baby feet! Anyways, I took her out to the vet on a leash and that's about it.
Dream 2.
This was a bit more twisted. I think our girl was having a rave while I was away with the fairies, cause my dream was about her, getting in breech and visibly stretching both her arms and legs. It hurt in my dream so must've hurt physically too. We were talking to her as well, told her to get into position, so I can push her out, but she was just giggling away, being cheeky and not giving a damn about us. We first just saw her little feet pressed to my belly, then she pushed them against me harder, and they popped out on my right side! One leg under my boob, one lower, around my hip! It didn't hurt or anything, just looked weird. Especially cause she had long toes and toe nails.
Again, I keep having these dreams about birth, and ripping my body in pieces, and so far neither of came with pain. I take it as a sign.
Had a look in the big dream book and here are the meanings:
- Cat: Jealousy and/or being madly in love
- Baby/child: Good luck
- Little feet: Friendship
Should really have used it before too. Simply didn't think about it until recently, when Lee started to have crazy dreams too. His are mainly bad, and usually make him wake up with a little sad face, but surprisingly the meaning behind them are positive too, like good luck, happiness, happy family life an so.
So there's nothing to worry about.

Here just a quick note about that I'm in my 9th month, and my nesting period still hasn't yet started. I know Lee says (Which I'm well proud of!) so far I've been a good pregnant, no typical mood swings and huff, all in all not really acting -or even looking- like a stereotype preggers, but what's with no nesting?!
I had a little go at him last night for not doing much around the house, which somewhere understandable, cause he's the one going to work, when I'm spending my days at home, but that doesn't mean I have to be the one who tidies after him, when he keeps leaving everything around. Little things, like Xbox controllers everywhere, or throwing stuffs at kitty and not picking them up from the floor. The ground and gravity are clearly my enemies nowadays anyway, you get the point. But we sorted it, so it's all fine.
I'm talking about hardcore nesting, like scrubbing walls, washing windows, polishing mirrors and so. All I've done was washing all the baby clothes we bought new, or got from friends, cause baby skin can be really sensitive. Might do the same with the washable nappy insides, apparently that'd make them work better as well?!
So no special cleaning madness. I can only hope it's not a sign of me being far far away from labour.

Only nesting aptitude I have, is to sort this blog out from the very beginning, but that's about it.

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