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Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Yes, I sorted every bits of baby stuffs out. And I do mean everything.
Again; She has so many clothes! Me and Lee are sharing two corners together, for let's say 3 years worth of clothes each. She has her own two corners, for only 3 months of clothes haha!
But I'm done, and finally everything seems to be on it's 'right' place. Upstairs there are her little grows and rompers and a couple of bibs next to the Moses basket. These pretty much take over all the place, so all her 'going out' outfits (Like skirts, tees, jeans, socks and hats.) are downstairs with the bibs and most of the baby blankets, after all this is going to be the place we're spending most of our times. Also sorted a space for changing, and the bottles and sterilizer. Not sure I'll be using them though, I mainly plan to breastfeed.
It all sounds pretty easy, but isn't really... Have to think like she was already here and what where would come the handiest. Pretty mindfucking really, especially cause I still don't feel she's ready to come.
On another note; I've been out and about today, walking quite a lot.
Went to the hospital first, to get my blood taken, then to do some shopping.
Bought a couple of oils first of all, only jasmine and rose though, cause the rest smelt like hell. Bit disappointed though, they didn't have neroli which I was looking forward too smell wise... Imagined orangey?!
Then went to do the Christmas shopping for Lee. I know it's ridiculously early but my due date is getting closer and wanted to get over with it, before the bubba gets here. Not quite sure I would want to do mad shopping trips with my newborn in December's peek time. Alone, as well, cause Lee wouldn't be able to come with me, would he?! Hah, so smart!
Anyways, it didn't turn out as good as I hoped it would. Simply seems like whatever he wanted is not on sale... Anywhere! So after 4 hours of traveling and walking about I came home and ordered everything online. I did make the effort though.
I also have plans of going for a little walk over the park with Laura tomorrow, then the hospital trip on Wednesday gets me out of the house too.
Trying to keep myself busy and mobile until I can. As well as sick of not being able to sleep til late so just sitting around bored in the flat all day, when the weather is finally nice and cold.

Oh, that's another thing! I made it hard for myself, massive issue; I became addicted to sleeping with earplugs. Even though it's quiet, I can't fall asleep without them, which I will suffer when our girl is here. I mean, I do wake up for pretty much everything even though I have them in, I still don't trust in myself. I know I'll be awake pretty much all the time, regardless our baby is asleep cause I'll be too worried, so if I do pass out I don't want to have earplugs in, in case I wouldn't wake up for her crying or something.
Still have a few weeks to work on the freestyle free-ear sleep, but so far no luck.
By the way raspberry leaf tea seems to be working, maybe? Every time I have a cup I feel bit of a period pain thing going on, just further up, in my 'belly' where the contractions will appear. Hmm, let's wait and see what is this all about.

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