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Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Finally been discharged from the hospital! For a while, from it's antenatal clinic...
No more seeing horrible obstetricians after today though! She measured my belly and checked her heart and said all is fine, so only a thyroid test to be done on her after the birth, but that's a different department's job.
The heart check was a bit freaky this time, cause she couldn't hear it at first, she tried to listen with two different machines and at the end had to get the tiny monitor scan thing to have a look at it. My little girl was back to back that's why we couldn't hear it, but was clearly visible that her little drum was beating, so I calmed down.
She didn't order an induction but agreed on going into labour naturally, and told me even though my lazy pea is head down, she isn't yet engaged. I kind of knew that already, cause she's pushing my lungs big times and I don't feel those sharp ish pains down there lately, but I've written about these already.
The thyroid doctor said to continue my dose of medication after birth too, and go back in 8 weeks time, to see what's going on in my system, after the lady is out. Luckily it's on a different, endocrinology part of the hospital not on the antenatal anymore, so no more crazy screaming kids to be listened to. Yay!

I've been thinking and reading about sleeping in the same bed with the baby lately. And basically, about sleeping habits of mums and babies.
A note of pride; The past two nights I slept without my earplugs, only put them in around 08am. That's when the upstairs neighbours wake up and start to walk about, banging their elephant bodies to the floor with each step. Anyways...
We obviously have a Moses basket, right next to my side of the bed, but I still have decided to make Lileeva sleep in the bed with me, if she wanted to. I don't really want her to get too used to sleeping with us, and knowing that both me and Lee are starfishes when it comes to sleep (Meaning; The double bed is small for us. No lies.) I'm only going to have her next to me 4 nights a week, when Lee is at work. He usually gets home around 08am, and have a feeling we'll be awake by then anyway, so it should be alright. Even if not, I'm sure daddy will find a way to snuggle up next to us.
The rest of the nights I'm going to put her in the cot, which is going to be next to me, so can look at her and touch her whenever she needs me.
People and midwives say the baby shouldn't sleep in the same bed with it's parents, since they can roll over and suffocate her... Bullshit much?!
Here are the benefits:
- Parents (Especially mums.) have a special bond with their babies, so not just impossible that they don't wake up when roll over 'onto' their bubbas (Which pretty much never happens.) but they usually wake up during the night a few seconds before their babies do.
- Babies wake up throughout the night cause they are either hungry or scared/uncomfortable. They usually don't start to cry straight away, just reach out to feel the mum and/or the boobie, pretty much the only things they know and are comfortable with. These things make them calm down and fall back asleep straight away. They mostly start to cry if they woke up in the cot, lonely in the dark, scared, wanting the parents attention. You can't blame them, can you?!
- In their first year apparently their little brain don't realise how big the world is around them either, so for them only that exist what they see and feel around them. I'd be screwed if all I saw all the time was the white ceiling... This can cause ADD as well, but that's another story.
- All the above means, even though the baby wakes up at stupid o'clock, wanting boobie, the mum most likely to be awake a minute or two earlier anyway, so can help the baby onto the jug and both of them can fall back asleep after the baby has finished yumming away, or even during! This let's mama rest properly, which can't happen when she's woken up and jumped out of the bed by loud crying. Then so have to go and get the baby from a different room, feed her and make her fall back asleep... This progress takes ages and while it's done, the mum wakes up properly, so no surprise she turns into a zombie daytimes.
- Also, after 9 months of closeness and physical support, apparently babies' systems and organs need about 6 months to start and work properly by themselves. Makes sense really. That's why some newborns 'just die' when asleep; They forget to breathe, and since their systems don't work like ours, don't know how to 'restart'. As weird as it may sound, sleeping next to the parents and hearing them breathe, make babies breathe too... Kind of like an unconscious support, they need.
- It also makes them calmer, and better sleepers in future, they don't think of going to bed as a bad or scary experience, like it happens with other people. I was clearly a cot baby, waking up all the time and not being able to sleep in the dark cause being scared of the shadows. (I'm almost 25, and not afraid to admit it. Then what?!)
Nature again, and it's beautiful ways. Pretty fucking awesome I think.

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