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Wednesday, 19 October 2011


We had a nice baby chat this morning when Lee got in from work. I like these little talks and planning with him, good to know that he's just as excited as I am, and we are mostly on the same opinion. About pretty much everything, but especially when it comes to our daughter.
I for example mentioned of reading about how unhealthy is carrying the baby outwards.
It apparently fucks her spine up, having too much pressure (All her weight basically.) on her bum and down bits, and of course she wouldn't be able to snuggle up to us if she got scared by a noise or a view. Until reading the above, wasn't quite sure the Manduca we got was a right choice, cause it's only for carrying the baby inwards (Least it holds her in the right M shape aka frog position.), but knowing these, I'm absolutely happy. At the beginning she probably will be sleeping most of times when we are out, on my front, between the gazoongas. Later on, when she gets heavier, I'm going to carry her on my back, and this will give her the opportunity to peek out from above my shoulders, but still giving her a chance to rest her head and fall asleep if she had enough of the world.
Lee said, he has a feeling that we won't really be using the pram, unless we are taking her out in the park, or for longer journeys, when going to see friends for example, so she can sleep in it's travel cot.
He actually said, he's looking forward of carrying her around, and that they are going to look bad ass together, haha! One sexy bloke, with one sexy baby girl attached to him. What else could I wish for?!
When I told him about sleeping with our girl and to spend as much time with her as I could, he told me about his friend's little one whom has ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.) which basically means the kid is attention seeker. He said people's children who are likely just to leave them in the cot all day long, even when they're awake, grow to have ADHD.
People still tend to do it, cause have a -'Why to cuddle the bubba when she's not crying?' mentality. Now imagine the beginning of your life, just staring at the ceiling all day long, wanting to see something else and you can only achieve it/your pops to pick you up if you started to cry. It's just wrong! I mean, why to have a baby, if you don't want to spend time with her?! (Post 29.)
Discussed, that probably even though if we were just to watch telly or sit around in the living room, will have the lady on or around us. We agreed on not wanting her next to us, but with us. And that's how it supposed to be.

I also want to be out with her as much as I can. Laura mentioned the idea of taking her to Winter Wonderland. Bang tidy! I haven't either been yet, so it's going to be a new experience for both of us. I would want to wait around 5-6 weeks after birth though, cause around this time is when babies start to be able to see things, not just a big mess of colors. Even though she'll be tiny, I know she'd enjoy it, the smells, the excitement and the entire Christmas vibe.
That doesn't mean I don't want to go out with her in the first weeks; I probably will take her to the shop with me, or over the park, just to do little introduction journeys to the outside world.
Oh, this made me remember what I read the other day about newborns...
I have a feeling that our girl is going to have blonde hair, but regardless what colour she's born with, it can change within the years. So as her eye colour! Apparently most babies born with blue eyes, which usually changes in the first 6 weeks. Lee said it probably has something to do with pigmentation and that babies are basically in the pitch dark for 9 months, so they and their systems need to get used to the daylight, it's effects and what not.
So true, still it's something I didn't really think about before. Either way, Lileeva will have nice big blue eyes, just as her mummy and daddy.

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