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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Sorted all my musics for labour finally!
Have a nice selection of house, progressive psy and minimal electronic, easy listening tunes such as artists like Beckers, Last Man Standing, Solar Fields, Suntree, Casio Samples, Zagar and of course Shpongle. 14 hours all together, should be enough.
As of the chill section, I'll be rocking it up with H.U.V.A. Network, Peace Orchestra and more Solar Fields. Only 6 hours worth of mixes, but I have a feeling I'll be craving for more intense music than ambient anyway.
Have them all synched on my phone as well, if I needed to take my mind off of things in the hospital.

Since Lileeva is squashing my organs and hardly lets me breathe, let alone eat (Oh the heartburn.) we decided with Lee to go for a natural type of induction straight after week 40. Only talking about a sweep or the hormone gel, which sometimes don't even work, so nothing serious, but I rather give them a go.
Not knowing where to go with the above request (Pretty much not knowing anything about what to do if I was overdue.) sent a text to my midwife on Monday, if and when was I supposed to see her again, and she replied I wasn't actually. What the hell?! I mean it's my first baby, I need to be looked after, especially cause I'm 'high risk'... That's what all my notes say anyway.
I called the hospital and the maternity help line the following day, both said it's Tracey, who supposed to be responsible for me whom after this I don't really want to go back to. She never for example checked the position of Lileeva, or measured my bump, all she done was giving me a booklet at the very beginning, talked me through a few stuff briefly and sent me to antenatal classes.
Rest of my information are collected from Google. No lies.
Instead of worrying or pissing myself off with thinking too much about it I just went in to the hospital today and had an appointment booked for myself for next Friday. The hospital midwives seemed nice and helpful, just what I need really. Hopefully they will explain everything and will let me have the sweep done straight away, or a couple of days after my due date. Will have to ask them of the method of the gel thing too, apparently not all hospitals let patients use the birthing pool after that?!
Ah well, see how it goes. I bet she's ready now, just taking over after her daddy and can't be bothered moving but staying comfy, safe and sound as long as she can. Aww. My two lazy beans.

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