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Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Done lots of researches the other day about birth giving itself.
It started off with wondering what position would be the best in the birthing pool. Obviously I won't be able to know it until I get there, but it's good to be informed about the options. If I remember right the pool is wide, so won't be able to kind of float on my back, having Lee holding me under my shoulders and to push myself with my legs, they just wouldn't reach to the other side. Only having Lee grabbing me on one end, having my legs floating around wouldn't be comfy I think. Same with resting them on the bottom in this position since my spine would be hollow.
I kind of imagine facing Lee, standing/squatting in the pool or if it had an edge inside, kneeling on it. This would be the best really.
The hospital I'll be giving birth at doesn't let fathers/birthing partners in the pool for some reason, but don't think it's going to be an issue. Not position wise anyway.
Here is a useful link about how to use a birthing pool, and this one is about the pros and cons. Don't see many cons, to be honest, apart from the infection, but hey... If you can't handle your own pee, you shouldn't ever go to swimming pools, to the sea or to any other public water. You get the point.
My issue is with myself only. Obviously the midwife will monitor Lileeva's heart rate every now and then, so that's fine, but she most probably will do check ups on me as well. Now, hospital people don't like high blood pressure, quick ish heart rate and quick, sometimes irregular breathing. I have them all, naturally. I  know about the breathing techniques, and in head I'm sorted how to keep calm, but that doesn't mean anything, does it?!
So as soon as my contractions start and first speak with the hospital I'll explain all the above, as well as write a note about these and stick it next to my birthing plan. Will make sure Lee will talk to them about this as well, when we go in. With all this I should be fine, after all they're going to see that I'm prepared and not just screaming bullshit out of nowhere when going in on pain at the late stage of my labour.
Lee said I shouldn't say and jinx it, but I do believe it's all going to go smooth. Hopefully I'll be going into labour not long after waking from a good night sleep (Less of the moodiness. I can handle pain, but not tiredness.), have a 'chilled out' good few hours at home with Lee, with my oils, on the birthing ball and under the shower, and will be having our daughter quick ish, within a couple of hours in the hospital, free of complications. This is how I planned and this is how it's going to be.
I feel prepared and even Lee said, he feels ready for the baby to come.

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