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Monday, 24 October 2011


Just hit me the other night that I haven't even had a proper look into the nationality question. For some reason I thought our baby would automatically be registered both as British and Hungarian. Well...
Since Lee is British and she'll born here, I assume she's going to class as British, straight away?! I very much hope so though, can't find many references, Google ain't my friend.
- So first of all have to have her birth certificate sorted in the Town Hall with official proofs (Hospital papers I reckon?!) of who she is. Hope it goes easy and quick, and won't have trouble of proving who her father is and shit like that. (I know Lou had problems with this and Alfie's last name, cause she was in hospital and couldn't sign the official papers.) I think the registration and what not is about £10-20 so can get away with this one.
- Then we have to apply for her British passport, which wouldn't yet be 100% necessary if we didn't want to travel back home within a few months or years. But we do. So that's another £50 which is O.K. but apparently a full British birth certificate doesn't always count as a proof, so they might need Lee's passport and/or certificate with a written proof of him being the father.
- To get her Hungarian nationality we need to sort out a Hungarian birth certificate for her, which takes about 3 months. The translation and checks which needs to be done on the original costs about £65.
- She's only able to get a Hungarian passport if she has a Hungarian birth certificate, and the passport costs about £40.
It's all a massive madness, lots of running about and paper work, ridiculous! Not to mention that most institutes (For example when we apply for benefits straight after her birth, for a passport, the council, the embassy and so.) doesn't approve a copy of her birth certificate, but only the original document to be sent by post... Now what if it got lost?! Is she not going to exist until I pay hundreds to get a copy (!) of the original from the Town Hall?! Jokes.
Thought it'd be something like going to the Town Hall with the hospital papers, Lee's and my ID, and that's that, she has a joint nationality. So naive.
Anyways, what I'm going to do is register her as British, get her passport sorted and within time I get her Hungarian certificate done too. From then on we might as well apply for Hungarian passports and IDs for her if we could. Not cause it's cool or would really matter, but cause it's cheaper, if I'm right.
To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't even care about her nationality, I mean just think about it... I'm here for years now, not very much bonded with my country and actually curse myself for not sorting my Home Office papers out cause if I did I could already have applied for becoming a British citizen.
I mainly want to do this for her. I don't want to be the reason of not giving her a chance if she wanted to go and fuck off to Hungary for a while or for good.


  1. Helo :)
    A magyar nagykovetseggel beszeltel mar? Lehet, hogy egy csomo mindent el tudnak neked intezni. Mellesleg nem tudom, hogy minek a magyar allampolgarsag a gyereknek, sztem csak pain in the ass. de ahogy erzed.

  2. nyilván a nagykövetségről van az összes fenti, erre vonatkozó információ.
    azt meg leírtam miért akarom az állampolgárságot neki, olvasd újra :)

  3. jo jo, szamomra nem volt annyira "nyilvan" :) en rengeteg infot vadasztam ossze mindenhonnan.
    elolvastam, miert akarod, mondom, ahogy erzed. de a csaladegyesitest nem feltetlenul kell azonnalderogton intezni, raer kesobb is.
    meg kulonbense hisztizz :) :p

  4. nem írtam sehol, hogy azonnal akarom.
    nem értem, neked ebben mi a 'hiszti', ha nem tetszik, ne olvass, de erről írtam már :) tessék, keresni sem kell:

  5. najo, latom te is atmentel verkomolyba... ha ezt teszik az emberrel a hormonok, akkor inkabb nem szulok :S
    tovabbi jo szorakozast, vigyazz magadra.

  6. mert eddig is annyira akartál :P