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Saturday, 15 October 2011


I'm feeling like an angry little dragon. This heartburn is getting ridiculous, simply drinking water boosts my acid on some enormous levels. Not to mention some of the foods; I had a tiny (Ehrm...) slice of lemon cake this morning and couldn't even have half a cup of my tea after, cause I was spitting fire... Instead I'm having my second glass of milk. Not fun.
O.K. I probably should be more careful of what I'm eating, but I've never been too worried about crazy cravings, after all my body and system knows what it's lacking off, right?! That's what it is all about; The baby takes so much of certain vitamins or as it happens sugar, that I need to increase the intake. Simples. Now how am I suppose to do it, if everything I ate leaves me in agony?! Moan.

Been sorting my music for labour. It's harder than I thought! Don't want anything too fast, nor too slow, so I went on selecting house, minimal tech and progressive psy mixes. These still are pumping a little, but can be listened as background music, just as be focused on and to get lost in if I wanted to.
Just to make it even harder, I know of myself and that I won't be bearing high pitch in music (It does sometimes annoy me yes, I'm a bass girl.) so it doesn't leave me with many choices. Of course I have to be prepared what if I changed my mind and rather listened to chill or ambient music. So those shall be on the list too. Decisions!

Been looking into how to use essential oils during labour as well. Not quite sure about the method yet though.
The easiest way is to put a few drops on a tissue which can be thrown away if not anymore needed or if I got annoyed by the smell.
Also can be used as massage oils, a few drops to be mixed with a base oil; Which I assume can be fragrance free baby oil too? These articles only mention almond oil as base for some reason.
And of course the burner, which I don't have and wouldn't even be able to use in the hospital (Cause of the tealight.)
- Clary Sage: Relieves tension, brings on labour, helps with expelling afterbirth. Also known as the 'natural gas-and-air'.
- Geranium Rose: Enhances circulation and is good for labour management techniques which focus on breathing .
- Jasmine: Dulls uterine pain, strengthens contractions, promotes birth and increases milk supply. Excellent when mixed with lavender and a carrier oil of Evening Primrose and Vitamin E for perinial and cervical massage.
- Lavender: Dulls and eases uterine pain but also increases the strength of contractions while calming the mother. Great for reducing stretch marks.
- Myrrh: Speeds labor, opens cervix.
- Neroli: Reduces fear, tension, insomnia, apprehension and anxiety.
- Rose: Cleansing effect on the uterus, antidepressant, softens ligaments; Easier to open pelvis to push for larger babies and smaller mamas.
- Chamomile: Proven to reduce the need for anaesthesia.
- Ylang Ylang: Reduces anxiety, shooting and calming. Helps lower the blood pressure.
- Geranium: Great for the circulation and helps breathing. It helps to balance the mind and emotions, while stimulating the adrenal cortex and balancing the hormonal system. Also known for its healing effects on the skin.
I most probably going to go and smell them all, see which ones I prefer, and will be choosing those I'm able to use after labour too.
As of labour; Since I will spend the beginning at home with Lee, I'll mix some and ask him to massage me (Here's a little information how to. Hint hint.) and will bring a little bowl to the hospital to mix them there with boiling water, cause not sure if they'd let me to put the drops in the pool.

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