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Sunday, 9 October 2011


Our girl clearly has a stage fright!
First I thought she was all calm and entertained when I was out and about, and that's why she didn't really move around until I got home and sat down. But no! She's been moving around a lot lately when I'm alone, and having not much space inside it's clearly visible, but when I turn the camera on my phone (Which only takes a second really.) to try and catch her in action, she stops. Then like she knows, when I put my phone down she's on a mission again.
Same when I'm at my friends'. It was Tünde's leaving do last night, and most of my mates were there whom I haven't seen for quite some time. Obviously they all wanted to have a little peek and feel, but she was silent, even though I was pretty much sitting on my arse all night. Until I got home and sat on my own! And it's not like I wouldn't feel her moving when I'm anywhere else but home, it'd be hard not to feel, trust me.
I'm pretty sure we are having a cheeky, but utterly shy baby here. Not surprised though, both her mummy and daddy are generally shy.

Also, since Tünde is moving to New Zealand for good, she got rid off lots of her bits and bobs from the flat, things she won't be wanting to put on a ship and send to herself, and her flatmates also don't need.
Those kind of stuffs which will come absolutely useful when we are having our own home, but wouldn't probably think to buy or spend money on them. Those stuffs, which we can't yet use and are in the way basically, but will come handy once. So I bought these off of her for pity money and well happy about them!
- Hand mixer and a little scale (Both for making cakes. Mmm!)
- Couple of bowls and mugs (Good start until we buy a set of plates.)
- Colourful cushions
- Colourful rug
- Few baskets (Little ones for fruits and a massive to be used as our lady's laundry basket perhaps.)
- Two little decor lamps
- Massive IKEA shelf (The one you can use just as it is, or buy colorful boxes to fit on each shelf, and use it for baby clothes maybe.)
These add up to what we already have:
- Bed
- Little tables
- Telly and Xbox
- Cooker
- Dining table with chairs
- Wardrobe and a couple of shelf units
- Hoover
- Microwave
- Pans
- Cuttlery set
- Iron
- Set of glasses
I think that's it. Was talking about this earlier (Post 26.), but rather have them collected together in an entry. So all in all, we are ready to make a move, as soon as we find a flat.
Only a few other major bits, like a fridge, washing machine and a sofa, which I tend to get from Freecycle anyway, when the time comes. It's not just about the nature but if someone has something not needed which we do, why not pick it up and re-use it? For free as well.
And, as I said before, I'm not so keen on having an all beige livingroom anyway, but one with much life behind a mess of colors, so that's not an issue either. (Post 64.)
Speaking of; Fitting the shelf in the living room, and using the colourful pillows and my big throw, the room's atmosphere changed so much! Cosier and warmer, I actually like just sitting around here, finally.

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