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Thursday, 21 July 2011


A few days ago I went to see my mates whom I haven't met for about 2 months or more. The atmosphere of their place was so different, nice, warm and colorful. I used to be surrounded by colors when I was squatting, every bit of the place was unique and bright, and seeing their house made me miss it so much.
I stuck between the white walls every day and I didn't even realise how much it makes me feel... Flat and depressed. Obviously I can't say a bad word, since it isn't our place, I wouldn't even want to touch it and go crazy here.
So I told Lee whenever we'll have our own place, I want it to be clean and tidy, but a big mess of colors. He wasn't too happy about it, as he is the modern minimal kind of guy if it comes to design, but he said, as long as he can design our bedroom, I can design the living room. He made a massive mistake with it, cause the living room includes kitchen, hallway and bathroom in my book, and these are the places we are spending most our the times in.
Not to mention our future nursery, it has to be colorful, he even agreed on painting our daughter's room's walls with clouds and what not.
I do believe we will have some pity bitch fights over this. Nothing serious though, I'm actually quite looking forward to it very much.

My style is something like this
While Lee's is

Edit: Haha well, we started a chat about it after he read this post. It's weird, in person we are like a puzzle, fit together so well, but when it comes to style (No matter whether it's music, clothes or design.) we are two very different people.

My ideal kitchen would be a forest like wooden one
While Lee's would be a modern plastic one

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