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Thursday, 7 July 2011


Horror post.
Even though people not supposed to share their negative experiences about birth giving with pregnant women, I absolutely don't mind. Yes it is harsh and getting a little bit annoying with time, and I find myself more and more worried, after all I'm soon to be hitting the third trimester, getting closer and closer to the big day. Worried? A little bit. Scared? No way.
These stories I'm going to share possibly aren't the most common ones, and doesn't mean that the same would happen to me  or to anyone else, but still... It happened to women around me and I heard more negative than positive experiences, and it does make me think, what if...
I'm pretty confident about being able to give birth naturally, I believe all women can, after all that's what our body made for and there were no such thing as Cesarean thousands of years ago. Hearing doctors qualify women 'Unable to give birth naturally' piss me off so much! It is a major operation and in my opinion it supposed to help women, when the baby is super over due or when it's way too big or there are more than one inside, or if there's any major complications with the baby or the mother, therefor it really is necessary.
Hearing or reading the stories below made me actually realise it's not all about the above. It's either the doctors forcing the women to have it done cause the baby is a week or so over due and they rather cut the mother up than to wait, or either there are serious health issues going on and the parent need to have it done, and in that case they usually leave it for a while as it is, causing health problems to both the baby and the mother.
Two extreme situations which I could never have dreamt of. After all, when you are in the hospital, you think you are surrounded by qualified people and here we go. In one case the C section isn't needed at all, in the second case it is very much needed and they don't give a shit about it. What kind of world we are living in?!
Talking about shit... For time being I didn't even know babies can poo inside their mother, although thinking about it makes sense. When the baby is engaged that means it wants to come out soon, cause it's ready for the big thing called Life. Therefor all it's little organs are functioning perfectly, the digestive system too. Be clever and add it up. I wonder what would the doctors do if I'd have my daily biggest crap stored for them and use their mouth as a toilet?! A poo is poo, no matter what. If a baby poos in you, you don't leave it floating around in it, in it's mother. Mother has a womb, the womb has amniotic fluid mixed with poo in it, with a baby in it who eats bits of amniotic fluid. Hello?!
Anyways, I'm not going to mention names in respect for the people.
Story 1.
Person 1's wife had four (!) C sections, and all of them left her scarred inside and out. That's when I found out about the vicious circle. When you have your first Cesarean (Which isn't always necessary.) they more likely to give you another one, the second time. After you had two, they make a note in your folder and you are unlikely to get out of it the third, fourth... Etc. times. You are basically stamped.
Story 2.
Person 2 had two, the first one went well, but the second time they left  bits of the placenta in her. She was in agony, not to mention the blood loss she had, caused by this.
Story 3.
Person 3 had two as well, the first went kind of well, apart from the loose stitches they gave to her and the cut has opened a few weeks after her operation. The second time she wasn't lucky enough; Got told she's not able to deliver naturally, the baby poo thing happened and they left them there for 12 hours before the operation. Even though the baby is fine, Person 3 got infected and had to have numerous other operations, one problem led to another and that's that. Her womb had to have removed, lost a liter or so of blood, all her insides got swollen and basically was living on machines sedated for 3 months. All this from the doctors being neglectful.
Story 4.
Person 4 had the same baby poo issue, they left her like that for 48 hours. She almost lost the battle for her life.
Story 5.
Person 5 had two C sections and a natural. She got forced into both, first time they said the baby wasn't developing properly, had to go through the pain before her 40th week, her wound got infected pretty much straight away but no one gave a damn about it so once when it opened and sanies started to flood out of it she had to go back to the hospital. The second time when her contractions started they didn't let her push and to get up from the bed, she had to remain seated even though she could've had the baby quick and easy in a standing position. (After all you are the one feeling what's the best for you, nah?!) Seeing her annoyed -not just- cause of the pain, they forced her to have Epidural which made the baby's heart rate drop radically so they ordered an emergency section for her. They only pushed her into the theatre an hour later. Another slow, 2 months on antibiotics and pain. The third time even though no one believed in her and she got told she's risking her own and her baby's life (During her last visit in hospital they wanted to keep her in for another emergency C section.) she didn't give up... And she gave birth to her third child naturally, at home.
Story 1. 2. and 3. (8 birth all together, yes.) took place at the hospital I'm registered to, so no wonder why do I want to change it or do it at home.
I obviously hear positive experiences too, a friend who had her labour at home and went to the hospital at the very end (I temp to believe it's a good idea cause then the pushy idiots don't have time to be impatient and to order you a Cesarean, in fact they get you in the middle of birth giving.), another one who had her first and yet only baby at home, and another couple who have been given birth in hospitals naturally, without any problems or complications. (In this case I can't be optimistic though as we are talking about my friends' mums whom gave birth to my mates 20+ years ago.)
I think, all in all, the saddest thing is that when you are in the hospital you're likely to believe the doctors are on your side, they want the best for you and you trust them. For no reason whatsoever.

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