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Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Been on a mission for getting back on days finally. I've been living nights for over 5 years now which means I usually get up sometime the afternoon let's say between 02pm and 04pm and going to bed earliest 04am but sometimes even 06am or later. It has to stop, before the lady gets here, and I have so much trouble with going to bed at around 10pm and wake up early ish like 08am... Especially cause Lee is working nights so at least it made us waking up and going to bed together.
This week so far went well, I had about 4 hours sleep on Sunday night though (I'm trying to change my biological clock for about 2 weeks now, but it's harder than I thought, it really is.) Lee woke me Monday morning when he got in from work at about 08am.
I then went to sort out some council stuff, handing in my housing application forms. First of all at Greenwich, I ended up getting the rudest woman ever who not simply wasn't helpful but literally sent me off with saying I don't have a chance to get a place in London unless I'm renting privately. Thanked her for 'not being too helpful', called her a bitch and left. I feel bad about the old receptionist guy though, he was really nice to me and I just stormed out without words, fighting my tears, when he wished me a nicer day.
At Westminster I only had to wait for a couple of minutes, and the guy I ended up getting was possibly the nicest council worker ever. He said we'll receive a letter in a month time with our bidding number and that's that, they'll explain everything in it.
Went to bed at 10pm exhausted and today, Tuesday, Lee woke me at 08am again. Least I finally had a decent sleep.
Went to Newham council first where the fella actually explained this whole council flat situation, which I appreciated much, after all he took the time and the effort, which none of the other workers done, then went to City Of London, handed my form in and came home.
So, what me and Lee thought about council housing turns out to be wrong, big times. We thought if we are applying at more than one council, we have more chance to find a place to live within the next couple of months- After all my case is priority, because of the baby and that technically I'm homeless.
Well... It isn't. As I got told, no matter what, I'll be getting bidding numbers from each councils/areas and I can start bang on it... To find something would take between 5 and 9 years, unless we are a resident, have family live in the actual area or one of us works there. If we did, we'd consider 'Priority' but just on bidding which would mean we would be able to get a place in less than 5 years.
So that let's say... Crap. On the other hand, since we live in Hackney at the moment, Hackney council should sort us out with a place within some time (Hopefully sooner than later.) cause I would be their homeless, therefor I'm a mirror of their reputation and I'm their responsibility. So as it happens, council housing and homelessness isn't the same thing. Will be calling them tomorrow to find out what's what.
Even if we aren't accepted, we still will be able to get a Housing Association flat, but that's to be honest quite expensive too. If neither of these work out for us then we are moving out of London, where we are able to get a 2 bedroom flat/house for about £600/month. Not too happy about this idea though, but we better go for sure than to run out of money (Which we don't anyway have by the way.) half way through a contract.
Other great news, that the government no longer giving out a one-time £190 for pregnant women. Just like I won't be getting the one-off £500 either, cause I do not receive Jobseekeer's Allowance, a weekly about £50 which would've came handy, since I'm out of work for 4 months now, and my Maternity doesn't start for about another month.
What can I say?! This system is horrible, I haven't earned a penny since March and we can hardly afford to eat in the past couple of weeks. Brilliant.

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