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Thursday, 7 July 2011


Lee is promoting my blog on his site and this what's under one of the links directing you to here with a smiley at the end:
*WARNING - She doesn't hold back and there's some NAUGHTY language*
I totally understand why it's there, mainly his family reads that site while my blog isn't for a particular age group but if it was, I'd say it was more likely for young mums, mum-to-be's, kind of my age give or take 5-10 years.
No one yet complained about my language though and wouldn't actually give a damn if anyone did. It's my blog, no one makes you read it, can easily close the tab if you find it offensive. People might've already done it, I don't know. These are my thoughts, my notes, feel privileged that I'm sharing all this with yous. End of story.
Anyways, I'm not having a go at no one, just felt necessary to publish how I feel about it.
Now here is the perfect time to talk about something very much related to this. Hormones and women changing during pregnancy.
I obviously can't say for sure that I'm not going to change after becoming a mother, but what I can say is; I do not want to change. I'm a realistic person and I know I already have, and I know I most probably will cause that's what mother's do, that's in our nature. But that doesn't mean that we have to start and act like those lovey-dovey ladies, living in their perfect fucking bubbles, making cookies for the neighbours every Sunday and stuff like that. I'm not going to stop swearing and use the 'F' word and the 'C' word, and the other mean words (In front of my girl maybe, especially when she's getting older and picking up on words, while starting to learn to talk.), I'm not going to stop hanging out with my friends, I'm not going to stop drinking, I'm not going to take my piercings and dreads out, I'm not going to start to wear pastel clothes and be a hypocritical fake doll.
I know, not all the mums are like this, but the point is taken and suppose it's understood.
So if anyone who reads this blog has their last hope in me getting 'wiser',  'growing out of this style' or anything similar to this due to hormone changes, I have to disappoint you all: I had to grow up quick (At the age of 13 due to family things.), I am who I am, and I'm not going to change for no one. Love me or leave me.
Thank you.

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