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Friday, 1 July 2011


I got my birthing ball already, the shipping was proper quick! For some reason the plastic it's made of smells like chocolate, haha! It's up and unbelievable comfy, only thing is I'm a little bit scared of popping under my weight. Will start and do exercises once I'm done with my geeky things-to-dos.
Also found a UK retailer close to where we live who sells UglyDolls kind of cheap and we don't even have to pay the tax and shipping from the States. Woohoo!

I had a look onto what are the side effects of the medication (PTU) I'm taking and well... I'm more surprised than angry that no one yet informed me about these, although I'm taking it for about 3 months now. I suppose it's somewhere my fault as well, but I'm not a hypocrite therefor if the doctors says that's that, and I get the medication without a leaflet I'm not going to search for abnormalities or side effects.
Anyways, apart from all the little bits, what worries me the most is the pain which I experience sometimes on the right side of my stomach. It can lead to liver damage or inflammation commonly known as hepatitis. Don't know whether it is from the PTU or other reasons, cause I had these pains ever since I got pregnant, and before taking the medication. As long as they are not regular or unbearable, I'll keep it to myself and will only mention it the next time I'm seeing the obstetrician in a few weeks.
On another and more important note: I think I felt my daughter kick for the first time! Can't be 100% sure but made me very happy either way. It was like a really gently tap or poke with one finger, on my stomach and obviously from the inside. I'm glad Lee was there with me even though he didn't feel anything and probably neither of us will until the baby gets bigger and the kicks get stronger. I still have a layer of life belt-fat to kick through after all haha.

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