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Thursday, 21 July 2011


A friend told me that reading my blog, all growing little alien babies would feel like that they are unwanted. I'm not quite sure how he meant it, but I know I don't give any reasons to think like that. Not on purpose, anyway.
This little lady is wanted, pretty much more than anything. Just making it clear.
Me and Lee are getting absolutely stressed from the inability of doing anything about this housing situation. We are still waiting for Hackney council to get back to us about our status, whether or not they accepted our application, and put us on the waiting list for getting a 2 bedroom flat to rent in the near future.
It's not even that we want it for free, like most of the people do, we just want our own space, which we can afford from Lee's wages and my benefits (If this happens at last.) only.
It's politics which I hate to bits, but try to keep it simple and short; The main issues with this system is that it mainly helps to minority people, so they don't use the race card on them. I therefor become the minority cause I'm not black, asian or from any other race, but white, unable to menace them. Same thing with Lee, he's English... In England. Priority would be the acceptable treatment for an English citizen with and English unborn child, but no, not even that we don't get priority but they don't give two shits about us.
Normally the council decides about housing situations in 7 weeks, contacting with the people. I called them the 9th week, asking what's going down, and turns out we are not even in the system yet. Justice.
Another thing against our situation is that we are together. Even though I'm classed as homeless, I am with a partner who earns some money (Which by the way isn't enough for all of us.) therefor they think that I'll be fine.!
Now, what do England want from it's own people?! Do mothers have to raise their children alone to get by somehow, or be ashamed for being white? What kind of moral is this?
Anyways, we are filling out more and more application forms from many of London's councils, the only thing I'm not sure about is whether to claim myself split from my partner, being a single mother or to be honest and keep trying as a couple?! We can't wait for 6-7 years to get a place.
Hope it'll get sorted soon. Lee is not the worrying kind of person, so when you see him stressed out like nowadays, you know that there is a serious and real problem going on.

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