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Wednesday, 6 July 2011


First official kick from the inside!
This time I'm 99% sure about it, was a little bit stronger than the last time but a double kick again. She's still moving around at the moment, possibly this is the longest and most intense movements I've ever felt from her yet.
I must've woken her up bouncing around on my birthing ball, and with eating that sandwich.
Weird cause I was just thinking about the birth giving itself in the past hour or so while was sitting on my ball. This time even though I felt comfortable I could kind of understand why do people say the ball 'shakes' the baby to it's place, therefor it is very helpful at the end of the pregnancy. I know it's most probably only in my head, but it felt like she was sliding a little bit lower with each 'bounce'. She is low in me anyway, none of the nurses pointed it out but I can feel it, she squatted in to the bottom of my stomach.
This made me think; What if sitting on the ball at this early stage (I've only just passed my 22nd week.) isn't a good idea?! And what if she came early?! Not early early like in the 6th-7th month but like a week earlier or something. I was so sure that I'll be giving birth at least a few day after my due date and now I'm all clueless again.
Also as Lee pointed it out the other morning when he came to bed after work, me and the baby were both sleeping on his side of the bed. I always go asleep on the middle when I'm alone anyway, the only way I can get comfortable is to spread out as much as I can, that's usually me sleeping across the bed, head on Lee's pillow, one leg off of the bed on my side, the another pulled up in a knee-to-stomach position in the middle. When he came in I obviously had to move to make space for him, so I turned on my back and there it was; The bump clearly hanging on one side of my stomach, on Lee's side of the bed of course. Girl power, that's all I have to say haha!

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