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Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Finally figured out how to put up a ticker slideshow thing here. Obviously it's the countdown til our girl's due date, then I'll change it to her birthdays and so, just as this whole blog that's going to form with her too. Shame that it's a little blurry but I had to change its settings, otherwise it'd have been way too small.
She has just given me a little dance for drum'n'bass, damn she's got taste in music already! I truly wonder what is she going to like, I mean music wise. Doubt that what I'm listening during pregnancy would make it any different, as for example my mum was bang on a massive Queen fan and I can not stand them. I hope she'll be kind of like me though... I don't mind anything apart from stupid pop, rap, hip-hop and r'n'b. In fact, I pretty much like everything from goth, nu-metal through classical to electronic stuff like psychedelic, hardstyle and many more.
On another note I've got doubts. Again! We have a cat, she's 6 months old now and a nightmare! I know it's only a cat but we raise her, so her being a proper pain must be our fault too. She doesn't like cuddles and strokes, all what she wants to do is play. It wouldn't even be a matter if she wasn't violent.
She doesn't want to play with us, all what she does is to run up, bites us, harder and harder each time and runs off. No matter whether we smack her or ignore her. Feeling bad of treating her like that, but we do stroke her and in response she bites us again. We do everything we can, be nice to her, feed her, bought her toys and all that, after all why wouldn't we, if we wanted her here?! Only times when she is alright with us, are the mornings as for when we sleep we lock her out of our room (Too much unnecessary noise and jumping around.) and she must be happy of seeing us after being alone for hours... These period of times don't take long either though.
Anyway, it's quite hard to piss Lee off, but earlier today he looked well upset and was thinking of getting rid off her. I wouldn't want that, in fact I hope when we get her neutered she'll change... If not, well, probably will keep her anyway, just keep ignoring her, if that's what it takes.
So it makes me think of what if our kid is going to be like this too?! I know that's different, cause it's our genes, and it'll be a little person who can talk after a while and tell us her problems if she'll have any, but I'm really worried... What if we are bad parents?!

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