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Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Just realised I can't remember of posting about my friend Szonja yet.
She is the girl I lived in the same house with, ever since I was a child. My parents still live there so do hers. She is a few months older than me, we went to the same nursery and same primary school like ages ago. I remember it was usually her mum taking us to school, and my mum picking us up.
Anyway, when I was 12 I left the school for a different one, and haven't since spoken to her until I found her on Facebook in around February. We got in touch again, talking about how different both our lives are, I'm here in the UK with the look no one really expected me to have (No, it's not the light-headed talk, it's the piercing-tattoo talk.), while she got married, lives with her husband and all that. After all 12 years is 12 years.
I remember once, in middle of February me and the boys were out on a Friday night, sitting in a pub, and I was reading her message about work, life and how much they are trying for a baby. I replied her then and there, and that it was kind of, she might have messaged me after but I didn't reply or all the way round, it doesn't really matter.
What matter is that she found me on Facebook a month ago seeing I was pregnant saying congratulation and dropping the bomb: She is too! I'm about a couple of weeks ahead her, and just for the fun of it I have to mention that I conceived on the day we swapped our last messages, where she said she's dying to have a baby and where I was like -'Whatever, we are not planning anything at the moment with Lee'.
I mean how grotesque life is?! Beautiful but grotesque.

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