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Saturday, 30 July 2011


Yesterday I went to see my midwife to pick some forms up, one of them which I already supposed to receive, MAT B1 technically the official way to prove my pregnancy, the another one is a proof of that I'm a high risk pregnant, taking medication and have to keep going back to the hospital every 4 weeks.
This one was a tricky one; The hospital wouldn't give it to me saying they don't take the responsibilities, even though I didn't ask them to bend the truth just to write a letter of that information which is in their system. They said to go to the GP, cause he gets paid to do such things like. The GP's receptionist shut me down saying I'm going to have to pay for it since it's not a health issue, it's an official document of my details for the council. I was shocked, am I really supposed to pay them off to write me a piece of paper?! After all, I trust him handling all my private information in the NHS system, but he wouldn't make the effort to print them out?! Anyways, my midwife done it for me without any questions.
While I was there, knowing she has girls, I asked her whether or not it's normal not feeling my little lady kick. She does move around quite a lot but no bang on kicks yet. She said it's just about to 'kick off' now, but she apparently had two very different pregnancies, so this might be a sign of our lady is being calm. Hopefully that's that, and she won't be those poor bubbas whom always have belly aches and stuff.
As of the council... I went in today again, cause when I called them on Wednesday the woman on the phone suggested to take a visit since we are still not in the system. Been almost 3 months now! I got there for opening and luckily ended up getting a really nice woman who had a look, and informed me that our documents are still processing. My benefit paper and Lee's proof of addresses. Now, these are the ones I didn't provide since I don't get fuck all, and even though Lee is a joint applicant he has all his letters going to his parents, therefor we can't prove he lives with me.
The annoying thing is that I had to get my ass up there to find all this out, cause none of them bunch of mugs would've let me know about it on the phone. They have a record of me calling them weekly, it's ridiculous.
So now we are trying to manage Lee's proof of addresses (One obviously isn't enough, they can't make it easy for us.) which includes requesting his bank statements sent out to this address and sort something out with his GP so he gets sent another official party letter here. It can take up to a month (End of August.) then to take them in to the council, to double check them which is another couple of months (End of October.) and a few weeks from then  that's my due date.
Now, even if they approve all the documents, and give us a banding (That shows our priority status.) it's pretty much impossible that we'll be finding a place in a week or two, let alone move flat this year.
So moving out of London seems to be becoming the option. If I start to receive my Maternity benefit, we hopefully will be able to leave it pretty much untouched, so can save it up for the deposit of our future place, since we got pretty much everything for the baby. Well... For the first few months of her life anyway.
So after all it cheered me up a little, mainly because I don't feel as helpless as before, there's a little light at the end of the tunnel. Since my Maternity isn't for a year but only for roughly half a year, we have to be able to settle in the new place (Wherever it is.) before I go back to work (Beginning of May.) even if it's a part time job.
I'm planning on waiting for the council's decision til about December, maybe January the latest, then get on the move in January or February. Another thing would be a mortgage and to buy our own place but it's probably something what isn't likely to happen, so I don't even want to go into it.
All depends on the money situation of course (We are now proper budgeting every penny we spend.) but I feel hopeful again, after a long long time of sadness and way too many wasted tears.
On another note; I feel even more grown up than before. I don't think I've ever been a childish person, but wouldn't have imagined to get into these kind of formal thing-to-dos at the age of 24, and will actually be able to sort anything out. These are the kind of stuffs what I always left for my mum, cause I never had a clue what's what.
It's a good thing though. (I think?!)

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