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Friday, 1 July 2011


I for some reason didn't even think of looking at the astrology bit of our girl's but Lee hooked me on it with only one link, even though he doesn't actually believe in these things. I'm bang on doing researches now haha!
I never been a big fan of Scorpios, probably cause my mum is one and we didn't and still don't particularly get on well, but in the another hand Lee's mum is a Scorpio too and it's impossible not to get on well with her.
Compatible zodiac signs for a Scorpio baby's parents are Cancer, Virgo, Taurus (Lee), Capricorn (Me) and Pisces. So we are half way there.

'Scorpios are the most intense, profound, powerful characters in the zodiac. From a younger age they have strong personalities and know what they want and will make sure that they get it.
The Scorpio child will be active, quick to learn and intelligent. They have a very curious nature and are very inquisitive, especially anything hidden, mysterious or forbidden. You as Parents will need to develop a tactful way of guiding your child away from such situations or objects.
The Scorpio child likes to be honest and truthful and reciprocates the same from his parents and friends. Do not try to flatter them as this may not yield fruitful results.
They like people to be loyal to them and usually have as friends kids who are more powerful or elder to them. Your Scorpio child will thrive if you give him tasks that are meaningful.'
And about us:
'This grounded pair will work together to build a wall that protects and nurtures their children. Although they have their feel planted firmly in the material world, these two signs also have the ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Taurus will get down on the floor to cuddle and wrestle, while Capricorn will find fun ways to teach strategy games and practical skills -- like how to count money or do grocery shopping. Both parents will tend to expect their children to act more grown up than they really are at any given stage of development. They'll need to promise one another to take at least a little bit of every day to sit down and laugh together as a family. Letting the children tell them what's fun for them would also be a good idea -- and help the parents to keep a youthful and playful attitude, too.'
Reading the description of our parenthood made me realise once again, that these things do stand on a base, as knowing and seeing Lee with Alfie he's totally the 'get on the floor' type, while when we were looking for toys I straight away pointed out the practical ones, like the cute colorful cubes with the ABC's letters on each of them, just to mention one.
But this is just one thing, isn't it?! All what matters is that how much love we'll be giving to the little lady vampire.

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