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Thursday, 7 July 2011


After waking up, Lee was having his usual first cigarette, listening the kids playing on the estate next to ours when we heard one of their parents (?) shouting out to them -'Shut up!' then he turned to me -'Please don't be like this.'
I carcked up as it's exactly what I'm like when people piss me off. Obviously after telling them off calmly, explaining why is whatever they are doing is annoying.
Anyways, the kids came to our estate to play after they got shushed and one to another -'You ugly. This is what I tell Lea.' (Lea is our next door neighbour who I mentioned before and a really down-to-earth nice little girl, possibly the only one of them all.) I got proper upset, not because it was about her, more likely the fact that how come to these 5 year odd kids telling to each other this?!
All of us are different, this is why we are beautiful. Even though if one looks prettier than the other you just don't say such things! I know that they are kids but what's with their parents?! These children are the true mirror of their pops, so well done is all I can stay.
Right after all the above happened Lea and this another girl was playing outside our place (Them two are the youngest.) and broke our ashtray by accident, a little bottle with water and numerous butts in it.
It stank like hell, obviously. Lee went to sweep it up straight away, when Lea's dad came out with a broom too. I mean, until a certain age you are the one responsible to whatever your child does, even though Lee told him not to worry about sorting it out, I felt absolutely touched. (Shame though, how rare these things are nowadays.)
That's how it supposed to be, decent people with decent kids, and not neglected spoiled little twits being shouted -'Shut up!' at all the time.
If you can't or don't want to make the effort, don't have a kid. Simples.

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