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Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I've officially lost the center of my gravity in the past few weeks. It's not just about being harder to lean over, more likely not to be able to get up from the sofa without pushing myself up, turning over in bed takes more effort, and sitting down has changed more likely to dropping down. Also, you know you are getting bigger when using the handles on the sides of the bath becomes regular, in fact, you are wishing that there was one right beside your bed too.
Not to mention the bump is clear, getting bigger day by day no matter the amount I eat. And the girl is like me; Fidgeting like a lunatic. The best word I can describe her movements with is 'cute'.
I still yet to start the exercises on my birthing ball, but I have to admit it is indeed better sitting around on it than on the sofa. Easier to get up, good for the baby and comfortable for me too, even though nothing supports my back. It is an issue after a few hours, but the after all the result is still better.
I heard another few horror stories about a few London hospitals, just on a mission to try and find out which one are they, so next week when I'm checking with my midwife whether or not I'm able to change hospitals I'll know where not to go to. (Another post about these stories, sometimes soon.)
I'm still in a hope though that we'll be able to move flat before my due date, then so I can give birth at home even though Lee isn't 100% supporting the idea. My main issue at Jackie's (Lee's aunt's flat where we live at the moment.) that there's carpet everywhere. I mean everywhere, apart from the tiny kitchen and the small bathroom where I clearly won't be able to fit myself, the boy, the doctor and the midwife comfortable. Especially cause I'd like to give birth in water as well.
We just got back from one of the sites who does the funky baby blankets, saying they only have one  design left so if they do send our refund we'll be getting this one. (Even though so far everything we ordered to the lady is black, still, this is the best designed baby blanket we could find. She'll love it. She'll be a little hippie goth.)

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