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Tuesday, 5 July 2011


A little more about health.
Yesterday the fact that the mother-to-be's teeth do damage during pregnancy hit me hard. I always had sensitive teeth and since I'm pregnant I felt it slightly more but last night... Well last night my tooth just broke. And it was the fault of a desperately wanted cherry. As soon as I bit in the first one I somehow knocked the seed gently, with my tooth and that it was. The interesting bit is that my filling kept itself in it's perfect place, it was my actual tooth broken out from under.
Wasn't happy at all. Had to have a midnight trip to Tesco, buy an emergency kit and trying to fix it for myself, uuntil I had an appointment to my dentist this morning. It's perfectly fine now,  but think I will be back on the Calcium + Vitamin D combination shortly, just in case. Lee reckons this bone/teeth health could be caused of me growing bones inside me. Haven't looked into it, but makes perfect sense.
Another thing is the boob thing. They are getting massive! Didn't think I ever will be saying this, but uncomfortably massive! I never had issues with my tits, in fact, pretty much the only thing on my body I haven't had issues with, but liked them on the way they were. Don't get me wrong, they are still in shape and stuff, they just big. (Well... At least Lee still loves them, if not more than before, hah!) I think the worst coming with big boobs -apart from the back ache- is sweat rash! So painful, and can't do much about it, just using enormous amount of baby powder daily. That although, does the job pretty damn good.
I even had to get to point where I was in need of changing my nipple bar, cause it got proper tight. Now wearing one of my rings, but it's not just eek (Door knocker.) but looks uncomfortable if that makes sense. It does not feel uncomfortable, just looks like it. I had problems with unscrewing the balls of my bar but since getting it sorted (Thanks to the rubber gloves and the years of experience I have.) I now know what's what, and might put it back in or just keep swapping them until the bubba gets here. After that... Well that's another question.
Planning on breastfeeding as it's healthier for the baby, but I don't want to protract it for longer than a few months. So here are my researches.
'If you plan to have a child and breastfeed in the future, you may wonder if you should get your nipples pierced at all. I've had people tell me they've heard all kinds of crazy rumors about breastfeeding with pierced nipples, but you only need to concern yourself with the facts. The facts are that in most cases, pierced nipples do not cause a problem when breastfeeding; In fact, some have found that it actually increases their milk flow (Flow, not production.), making it easier to nurse. Some nursing mothers say they even keep the jewelry in (Including during feedings.), although I personally do not recommend this. You need to carefully consider what goes into your child's mouth at all times, and a piercing can be a breeding ground for bacteria. It's much easier to keep it clean without the jewelry in place.
If you remove the jewelry permanently while you are nursing, the hole may very well close up and then you would need to repierce your nipple when you are ready.
If you remove the jewelry only for feeding sessions, it shouldn't be a problem replacing it after the feeding is over. But constant removal and replacement of the jewelry can be annoying or even cause the piercing to become sore. Since breastfeeding can already cause sore nipples, you really won't want to cause any additional aggravation.'
'Several complications have been noted involving breastfeeding with a piercing present, so it is recommended to remove nipple jewelry before nursing. Several complications resulting from nursing with nipple jewelry inserted can include poor latch, slurping, gagging, and milk leaking from the baby's mouth.
It can also be a potential choking hazard for the baby. As the baby sucks, the ends on a barbell (iIf worn.) may come loose and could possibly lodge in the baby's throat (A captive bead ring, properly inserted, would lessen the risk of anything becoming loose, falling out, and lodging in the throat). The baby's gums and tongue as well as the soft and hard palate could be injured by the jewelry.'

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