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Sunday, 17 July 2011


Here we are, 5 months 2 weeks aka the big 24.
'Week 24 is the legal age of viability. This means that if your baby was to be born now he or she would be classed as a premature baby rather than a fetus. This doesn't mean it'll all be plain sailing, though: A baby born this prematurely faces an uphill struggle for survival, particularly because of under-developed lungs and other major organs. However, some babies born at this point can and do survive, albeit usually spending the first few months in hospital in a Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU). From the end of this week, termination is no longer lawful.'
'Although it’s unlikely to happen, it’s reassuring to know that if your baby was born now, he or she would have a good chance of making it, with lots of special care in the early stages.'
'The other big milestone your baby reaches at this stage of pregnancy is that she may now survive, with special care, if she is born prematurely.'

Knowing she is already a strong little pea I'm sure it all will be fine from now on. So it's ultra-super official; No matter what, we are having this little girl!

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