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Sunday, 16 October 2011


We got another couple of bags, full of baby clothes. I've been trying to sort and fit them to the 'baby corner' but it's impossible.
We are running out of space, we have too much stuff for her to be worn in the first 3 months and none for after, we have a drawer of premature gear which I'm not sure whether to bag and put aside (Hello week 37.) or just leave in case she turns out to be tiny. Lee doesn't really help either, why would he?! He doesn't even fold and put his own clothes away...
I got pissed off way too easy with the situation, which gave me a massive headache, so it's time for bed I reckon. It's one of those things, which you feel inappropriate to take out on or to even mention to others, but bugs you to hell, so rather just walk away from everyone and curl up on your own, with your huffs and puffs.
Maybe tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow I'll get them sorted somehow. (Hah, course I will.)

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