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Saturday, 22 October 2011


We officially can't sleep together with Lee anymore.
I'm getting too big, and love my space anyway, and he's either snoring or can't sleep and fidgets, waking my light sleeper bum up.
Yesterday it was his turn on the sofa, after snoring in my ears for about half an hour or so, today it was mine since he was twisting and turning around awake too much and I got pissed off. Also, he's going to an airsoft war today, so I had to let him sleep in the bed. I'm a good girlfriend, I like to think haha!
Even though falling asleep on the sofa wasn't the easiest and took me about 2 hours, and only snoozed for about 5 hours, I have to tell, I had the sleep of my lifetime. Slept better down here than upstairs in the bed lately. (Shouldn't really mention it out loud though, otherwise Lee will take advantage on it, hah!)

And this dream! I was on our sofa at the first stage of my labour with my nan next to me whom had to go to work around past 02pm, just when I managed to figure a way with my oils and a squatting weird position to make my contractions stronger. Since I knew now how to control them (Inhaling oils made me push, otherwise I was calm and cool as a cucumber.) I told her to go, while I was waiting for Lee to arrive.
Change of scene; I was in a birthing pool in the middle of a double decker, where usually the prams are, surrounded by my friends. Kept trying to hold the baby in but by then she really wanted to pop out. Lucky that Lee arrived this point, I made all my mates to get off of the bus so it was only the two of us and that's that, I woke up. And again, the labour bit and pushing pains weren't at all bad, more likely just a little uncomfortable and exciting.
I'm thinking and reading of giving birth lately pretty much every night before bed, so this must be the reason behind it. Not complaining though, especially not after a good dream like this.
I'm way too excited, and can't wait to go in to labour finally!

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