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Saturday, 22 October 2011


Since I had trouble falling asleep on the sofa last night, and kitty was all over me again, craving cuddles, I did a little research on the how and whys on animal's behaviour around pregnant people.
Turns out I was right, they do sense that their owner is pregnant, well, mainly the changes in their mood caused by the hormones and of course changes in the movements cause of the weight gain.
Apparently it's more obvious with dogs, they not just become more careful around you, like not doing the silly jumping thing on you and so, but become more protective as well. I can't obviously know this cause we don't yet have a dog, but sooner or later...
About cats, they usually just become friendlier and following you around. Which happens with PuddyKat as well. When I'm with Lee, she usually just fucks off, does her own thing, but when alone, comes and snuggles up to or next to me, lays on my side or by my feet (Never on the bump! Just stares at it.) and watches both the room and me, making sure I'm safe to go asleep. Aww, wish she stayed like this after too.
I reckon her behaviour would've been more conspicuous if she was an older cat or we got her earlier, before I got pregnant.

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